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When I visited one of the foodcourts, I was very surprised because suddenly there was one waiter who approached with a question that looked like someone interrogated “Have you been here? Have you already have a card? “I and my friend were quite upset because they were not given a warm welcome but were immediately asked something we did not know what it meant. Not to mention, the added expression that seemed to block us to not go into the foodcourt. We both immediately had the perception maybe the foodcourt was being hired for an event so they do not accept the general guests. After we asked what the question meant, the waiter explained that if we do not have a card, we have to make it first. Omg…
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iREAP POS in Epson Solution Day 2017

iREAP POS in Epson Solutin Day 2017 iREAP POS in Epson Solutin Day 2017 iREAP POS in Epson Solutin Day 2017

Located at Sheraton Grand Hotel Gandaria City – Jakarta, Epson Indonesia held an event entitled “Epson Solution Day 2017”. At this event, Epson Indonesia shares information on existing innovations as well as business solutions provided to invited guests.
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Many businessmen focus on the strategy of finding new customers (customer acquisition) and not paying too much attention to the old customer that they already had (customer retention). I see many ideas are born to try to acquire new customers but existing customers are not dealt with seriously and much left. Whereas, the businessman should run both so that business can grow better.
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Half Hearted Promotion - iREAP POS article UMKM
A few months ago, I ate together with two friends in one of the cafes in the Serpong area. This cafe owner is a fairly large group and famous in Indonesia. The food is quite tasty and the atmosphere is also comfortable. When we finished to pay, the waiter gives 1 voucher with value 100.000 Rupiah which can be used for the next transaction. He said that every 100,000 transaction would get 100,000 as well. Then my friend asked Why it could be only 1 voucher, when the transaction is 270,000?’. Waiter replied ‘It does not apply multiples’. Next, I asked ‘If we had each ordered separatedly with request to separate the bills, can we do that?’ He replied ‘It could be, but this one has not been separated since the beginning’. Last question for waiter was ‘why we had not been informed from the beginning?’. The waitress just smiled. An interesting classic story.


When I was going to write this article, I rememberes some occurrence that ever happened when I met the sellers or servers (people who give service). The communication that they give might have meant not to ‘harm’ customer, but in reality there are still communication which is still wrong and make customer uncomfortable even angry. As a business consultant, I feel unsettled because there are not many Indonesian companies which has good customer service so that they lack of strong competition.
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Article Customer Service Blueprint  NEWS - by -Djoko Kurniawan

It cannot be denied that Service Excellence is one of the factors which could determine the success of the business. Only the companies which think Service Excellence seriously which is proven to be able to exist and win the competition in the market. Service Excellence is needed because the product or service that you offer has many competitors. Thus, if only relies on the product or service without Service Excellence you will definitely lose.


Employee enthusiasm in your company in serving the customer is an important thing to create good/positive impression and always be remembered by the customer. Sincere smile, warm greetings, well-mannered, and service spirit – can be defined by customer as valuable appreciation. This will also decide automatically, whether the customer buy product/service in your company or not.

Customer’s Reason Not to Buy The Product

As a business consultant, I still spent some time for once in a while to be mystery shopper directly. I did this because I want to know the real service in the market. One day I visited one of the new restaurants around Alam Sutera Serpong. At that time, I ask the difference between fried chicken A and B – I was shocked when the waiter answered that dish A comes from city X and dish B from city Y (in the menu is written Fried Chicken X and Y). That answer is not the answer that I wanted, but why the waiter was answering that way?
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