Customer’s Reason Not to Buy The Product

As a business consultant, I still spent some time for once in a while to be mystery shopper directly. I did this because I want to know the real service in the market. One day I visited one of the new restaurants around Alam Sutera Serpong. At that time, I ask the difference between fried chicken A and B – I was shocked when the waiter answered that dish A comes from city X and dish B from city Y (in the menu is written Fried Chicken X and Y). That answer is not the answer that I wanted, but why the waiter was answering that way?
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Many SMEs businessmen who are still do not understand about how to communicate the integrated ‘marketing’ (Integrated Marketing Communication/ IMC). Because they do not understand this, they only conduct simple marketing activities which has impacts that are not really optimal. They have not conduct the marketing activities through all ways to make the company grow maximumly.

My experience as a consultant in many companies has given very clear information that businessmen of SMEs have to learn more about marketing so that their business can develop much better.