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Published 8 July 2021

How to Backup Data iREAP POS LITE

Aplikasi Kasir Android Gratis iREAP POS Lite

Backup is the process of backing up by copying data so that it can be reused in case of damage or loss.

Currently on iREAP POS LITE itself because it only supports offline use, the data is only stored on the device, therefore, the discipline in performing regular data backups must be a concern of business actors. So that at any time the main data is lost, you can still restore the data in full without any damage or loss.

Here's how to backup data to Google Drive:

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.

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