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Release Note

This page provides information on the features and improvements in each release.

Latest iReap POS Pro Versions

2.25 r229

12 March 2020

For new company registration, the phone becomes optional
2.24 r228

10 March 2020

Improve registration process
2.19 r221

4 February 2020

Setting print tax per item sales
Screen Sales mode landscape
Login Screen, add validation
2.18 r219

27 January 2020

Function to search for products in multiple stores or devices
2.16 r216

14 January 2020

Better performance to filter Product and Customer
Update registration
2.13 r213

26 December 2019

Customer price list
Scan barcode for landscape mode screen sales
Better performance to show Product and Customer
2.11 r211

11 December 2019

Fix bug product set related inventory transaction
2.09 r209

11 November 2019

Fix bug sales return and decimal digit
2.08 r208

4 November 2019

Filter report stock by item code and description
Sales return, add line item by reference from previous sales
Delete customer
Fix bug quantity/amount decimal digit
2.06 r206

9 October 2019

Open selling price on article
Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
Fix bug in sales when choose sales type wholesale
2.05 r205

8 October 2019

Open selling price on article
Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
2.03 r203

27 September 2019

Fix transaction upload bug
2.01 r201

23 September 2019

Improve transaction upload performance
2.01 r200

18 September 2019

Faster sales list loading time

Latest iReap POS Lite Versions

2.23 r227

06 March 2020

Screen Registration
2.22 r226

06 March 2020

For new company registration, without retyping Administrator User ID
2.66 r146

26 February 2020

Fix backup restore google drive

Latest iReap POS Pro Web Admin Versions


15 March 2020

The addition of transaction data validation is too large for the import file process (upgrade from iREAP POS Lite)

04 March 2020

Promo voucher feature on the iREAP POS Pro web purchase

26 February 2020

Average cost on stock reports for filter selection of all stores and costing method = moving average

11 February 2020

Import/upload supplier
Fix adjustment of store prices (special prices), addition of subtotals for normal & promo prices on stock reports

23 January 2020

Wait dialog when importing articles

03 January 2020

Checking cannot delete the store if it is still connected to the customer

31 December 2019

New label on the stock transfer and customer pricelist menu

28 December 2019

Feature customer pricelist

05 December 2019

Report component(raw material) consumption
Fix bug upload/import ketika ada duplikat produk

30 October 2019

Feature disable customer

03 October 2019

Open selling price to produk set
Store Option for master data customer
No id (without identity) on the master data customer

09 September 2019

Features transfer request, transfer out, transfer in
Feature upload transfer request

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.