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Release Note

This page provides information on the features and improvements in each release.

Latest iReap POS Pro Versions

3.06 r309

On Going

The menu attendance support android 6 and below version
3.04 r307


Return transactions with price list for customer
3.03 r306

6 October 2022

Request permission to ignore battery optimization to run multiple device server
Sales transactions using the card payment method
3.02 r305

1 October 2022

Printer Panda PRJ 80AT BT
3.01 r304


Display sales mode landscape after adding in-app onboarding
3.00 r303

19 September 2022

Performance improvements on apps
2.99 r302

24 August 2022

Performance improvements on apps
2.95 r298

23 June 2022

Simplify the registration process
2.94 r297

24 May 2022

Synchronizing stock list
2.93 r296

18 May 2022

The customer journey for the first time using
2.92 r295

10 May 2022

Information on how to get the activation token store
2.91 r294

21 March 2022

Goods receipt transaction with stock list
2.88 r291

16 March 2022

Support payment method type QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard)
Other Printer 58 mm Bluetooth
Other Printer 80 mm Bluetooth
2.86 r289

10 February 2022

Display the gross amount under certain conditions on the receipt.
2.84 r287

3 January 2022

Memory usage information
Give the option not to display items with deleted status on master data
Sort on-screen report sales by customer
Information on using the stocklist on goods receipt
Sync inventory
2.83 r286

8 November 2021

Authorization for menu cash/bank and expense
Filter search customer and supplier by ID Number (ID No)
2.81 r284

21 October 2021

Option to share document sales and transfer out in pdf format for A4 size
Print sales summary
Supplier selection in daily goods issue and daily goods receipt reports
Choice of document cash / bank & expense cancellation date
2.79 r282

22 September 2021

Report goods issue
A process that synchronizes on transfer out is better
Feature a cancellation cash/bank
2.78 r281

30 August 2021

Report goods issue
2.77 r280

27 July 2021

Choose a price type where product is not included in the price list line
2.76 r279


Feature a discount quantity in multiple devices
2.75 r278

12 July 2021

Improve Inventory Transaction type sales/return
2.73 r276

28 June 2021

Report component consumption
Printer BellaV Z58 Bluetooth
Printer BellaV Z80 Bluetooth
Synchronizing inventory record and inventory balance message
Video "3 Quick Steps to Start Selling in 2 Minutes"
2.72 r275

8 June 2021

Attendance function
2.71 r274

25 May 2021

Discount quantity in return sales
Remove CIMB Niaga extension
2.70 r273

27 April 2021

Improve importing file
2.69 r272

9 April 2021

Wholesale price calculation when quantity changes
2.68 r271

8 April 2021

Screen payment cash
2.67 r270


Guide for the first user
2.66 r269

5 April 2021

Feature a discount quantity
2.65 r268

23 March 2021

Printer Panda PRJ-R80B Bluetooth
Options without deleted products on the report screen
Show the total cost on the sales screen mode landscape
The login button is not visible when entering the Userid or password on the login screen
The message that appears when a negative block of stock
2.64 r267

19 January 2021

Layout on the small screen login page
2.63 r266


Dialog buy IReap subscription voucher via Google Play Store
Report daily sales bar chart and profit chart
2.62 r265

5 January 2021

Printer Epson not recognized
2.61 r264

4 January 2021

Feature a cancellation expense
The last purchase price information on the transaction a goods receipt
How-to printer setting on the setting and parameters screen
Information on the number of transactions for the last 30 days by a customer or a supplier
Customer or supplier filter by phone
2.59 r262

15 December 2020

Improve guide for the first user
Validation to save goods receipt with stock list
2.57 r260

24 November 2020

Option to print a user (cashier) on receipt
Improve subscription features
Improve attendance features
2.56 r259

9 November 2020

Report Attendance
Improve broadcast message
The expense feature authorization
The attendance feature is forced online
2.55 r258

22 October 2020

The cost value of the product set not recorded when making sales transactions on multi-devices (iReap Helper)
2.54 r257

16 October 2020

Attendance feature
2.53 r256

6 October 2020

Attendance feature
Report sales summary by product
Report sales summary by product by team
Capture the barcode from the camera device in screen sales
2.52 r254

21 September 2020

Default country based on the store country when creating new customers/suppliers in the application
Article synchronization function improvement for the first synchronization
DB Fix function improvement
The time synchronization function improvement
2.50 r252

9 September 2020

Printer Epson TM-U220 Type D
Printer Panda PRJ-58B Bluetooth
Printer Panda PRJ-58D Bluetooth
Printer Gowel 745 Bluetooth
2.49 r251

1 September 2020

Edit Expense Category and Cash / Bank
2.46 r248

24 August 2020

Menu Expense
Quantity Pop Up option in screen Setting and Parameters to show quantity pop up after choose item in sales/return
Remove Tax Rate in screen Setting and Parameters
In the Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Stock Request, and Stock Transfer document share, there is an option to be in the form of text or pdf
2.44 r247

5 August 2020

On the inventory report screen, only displays products/items that are not non-stock
The sales team selection only displays the team/users that have assigned to the store, and the status is still active
2.42 r246

23 July 2020

Screen report transaction after replacing the device or clearing data
2.41 r245

20 July 2020

Print sales on Epson printer after adding optional reprint sales with or without price information
2.40 r244

13 July 2020

Optional reprint sales with or without price information
Display supplier information on the goods receipts and goods issue screen
Display UoM Information on printed the goods receipts and goods issue
Sort customers by name without seeing capitals
2.38 r242


Give a warning when making a transaction in the future
Enter the credit sales due date
Help button about the purchase price / cost information on the item screen
Improvements to the pdf share footer section
2.37 r241

29 May 2020

Pay Method Type Credit-Sales in mode landscape
2.35 r239

26 May 2020

Integration with iReap Invoice Application
Pay Method Type Credit-Sales
2.34 r238

11 May 2020

In sales transactions, components of product sets that have been removed are still checked in the negative stock keeper
2.33 r237

4 May 2020

On the sales return screen, you can select a customer
In the sales document share, there is an option to be in the form of text or pdf
Reprints on Epson printers where the printed document does not match the selected document
2.31 r235


Add a new category at the screen item master
Add supplier in goods issue
2.27 r231

19 March 2020

Check device information
2.25 r229

12 March 2020

For new company registration, the phone becomes optional
2.24 r228

10 March 2020

Improve registration process
2.23 r227

5 March 2020

Screen Registration
2.21 r225

2 March 2020

For new company registration, without retyping Administrator User ID
2.20 r224

26 February 2020

Inventory report for device below marshmallow
Permission location when customer change coordinate
Add component list information from the product set in screen sales
Menu release notes
Introduction about iREAP POS for new device after login
Share receipt in pdf format
For registration of a new company, the application can fill in the address automatically based on the device's current location.
2.19 r221

4 February 2020

Setting print tax per item sales
Screen Sales mode landscape
Login Screen, add validation
2.18 r219

27 January 2020

Function to search for products in multiple stores or devices
2.16 r216

14 January 2020

Better performance to filter Product and Customer
Update registration
2.13 r213

26 December 2019

Customer price list
Scan barcode for landscape mode screen sales
Better performance to show Product and Customer
2.11 r211

11 December 2019

Fix bug product set related inventory transaction
2.09 r209

11 November 2019

Fix bug sales return and decimal digit
2.08 r208

4 November 2019

Filter report stock by item code and description
Sales return, add line item by reference from previous sales
Delete customer
Fix bug quantity/amount decimal digit
2.06 r206

9 October 2019

Open selling price on article
Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
Fix bug in sales when choose sales type wholesale
2.05 r205

8 October 2019

Open selling price on article
Customer geolocation information, and customer for specific store
2.03 r203

27 September 2019

Fix transaction upload bug
2.01 r201

23 September 2019

Improve transaction upload performance
2.01 r200

18 September 2019

Faster sales list loading time

Latest iReap POS Lite Versions

2.23 r227

06 March 2020

Screen Registration
2.22 r226

06 March 2020

For new company registration, without retyping Administrator User ID
2.66 r146

26 February 2020

Fix backup restore google drive

Latest iReap POS Pro Web Admin Versions


15 March 2020

The addition of transaction data validation is too large for the import file process (upgrade from iREAP POS Lite)

04 March 2020

Promo voucher feature on the iREAP POS Pro web purchase

26 February 2020

Average cost on stock reports for filter selection of all stores and costing method = moving average

11 February 2020

Import/upload supplier
Fix adjustment of store prices (special prices), addition of subtotals for normal & promo prices on stock reports

23 January 2020

Wait dialog when importing articles

03 January 2020

Checking cannot delete the store if it is still connected to the customer

31 December 2019

New label on the stock transfer and customer pricelist menu

28 December 2019

Feature customer pricelist

05 December 2019

Report component(raw material) consumption
Fix bug upload/import ketika ada duplikat produk

30 October 2019

Feature disable customer

03 October 2019

Open selling price to produk set
Store Option for master data customer
No id (without identity) on the master data customer

09 September 2019

Features transfer request, transfer out, transfer in
Feature upload transfer request

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.