2 the cash register best seller smart iREAP POS version

2 mesin kasir pintar best seller versi ireap pos

2 the cash register best seller smart iREAP POS version
For those of you who are running a business or have a shop business, it’s time to consider using a quality smart cash register that is connected to the iREAP POS cash register. By utilizing advances in internet technology, services at the cashier’s desk will be easier, faster, and more convenient.

This smart cash register from Sunmi has high-quality specifications and designs that are highly qualified to run the iREAP POS cashier application so that iREAP POS users are more confident.

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Here are some smart cash register options that are highly recommended to be used in conjunction with the iREAP POS cash register application:

  1. Sunmi V1 S

    Sunmi V1 S  iReap POS Smart Cash Register
    With the All in One label, this V1 S is already supporting the POS system, thermal printer, plus a scanner, so it is perfect to be the first smart cashier printer recommendation you must have. With a portable design that makes this smart cash register is effortless to carry around moving locations. With a 5.5-inch screen size, the Sunmi V1 S is the same size as your smartphone; moreover, this smart cash register already has a SIM card slot that makes it easy for you to trade anywhere and anytime.

    iREAP POS offers Sunmi V1 S with a bundling package (Hardware + Apps Mobile iREAP POS PRO 1 year) for Rp.3,339,000.00, on Tokopedia so that your business transactions are more comfortable and more efficient. To see more precise specifications and place an order, please click the iREAP POS PRO 1Thn Mobile Package with Sunmi V1s NFC Smart POS Printer.

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  2. Sunmi D1

    Sunmi D1 iREAP POS Smart Cash Register
    The performance of the Sunmi D1 is without a doubt because it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that is most widely used by premium Android smartphones to this day. In addition to its high performance, this processor also saves power, so it is highly recommended to have for those of you who want a quality smart cash register.

    With a 14 “IPS screen Full HD touch screen and dual screen makes it easy for you to make transactions comfortably. This is especially so with the appearance of a handsome cash register and a more stylish and modern design, so it looks more elegant when placed on your cashier desk.

    The Sunmi D1 smart cash register is offered with a bundling package by iREAP POS for Rp.5,559,000.00, at Tokopedia making your transactions more comfortable and safer. Curious to see more detailed specifications and want to place an order? Please click on the iREAP POS PRO Package 1 Year with Android Desktop POS Sunmi D1.

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As a shop owner or other business, it is essential for you always to be able to connect with the business that you run. This is where you will benefit from using this cloud-based smart cash register connected to the iREAP POS cash register.

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