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Published 6 June 2016

iREAP POS Printer List Recommendation

Recommended for first time user iREAP POS

FREE Mobile Cashier Android iREAP POS Lite Mobile Cashier Android Support Multiple Store iREAP POS Pro

iREAP POS only support printers that is on our list on Settings & Parameters - Printer Model

LAN (Local Area Network) or WIFI

IREAP POS Support Smart POS Sunmi V1

iREAP POS Support Smart POS BellaV Z91

Printer EPSON TM-Series dengan interface WIFI atau LAN (TM-T88V, TM-T70, TM-T70II, TM-U220, TM-T20, TM-T20II, TM-T81II, TM-T82, TM-T82II, TM-T90II)

Bluetooth Printer SPRT T9

Bluetooth Printer Bluebamboo P25

Bluetooth Printer BellaV SZZCS (support customize logo), Zonerich AB-320M, Eppos EP5802AI

Bluetooth Printer BellaV EP-58A (support customize logo), EasyPal EP-58A

Bluetooth Printer BellaV EP-80AI (support customize logo)

Bluetooth Printer Star mPOP (support customize logo)

Bluetooth Printer BellaV ZCS05 (support customize logo)

Bluetooth Printer BellaV ZCS103 (support customize logo), Panda PRJ-58B, Eppos RPP02

Bluetooth Printer Epson P20 (support customize logo)

Bluetooth Printer Gowell 745 (support customize logo), Panda PRJ-58D, Eppos RPP02 & Cash Drawer

Bluetooth Printer Gowell MP 228-N

Bluetooth Printer Bixolon SPP-R200, SPP-R310

Bluetooth Printer Enibit P 58B & Cash Drawer

Bluetooth Printer Enibit JZ-SPT12BT

we are very sorry that currently IREAP POS Lite and Pro can not print to ALL Printer available, this is due to Peripheral connection in Android is still a challenge, since Android do not support Drivers such as in Windows, in Windows application never talk directly to hardware but Windows will handle that using Drivers. but in Android no such thing like Drivers. so We need to do programming one by one for each peripheral.

Despite all this challanges we still try our best to keep adding the printer options.

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.