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Publish 1 November 2023

How to Add Decimal Digits for Prices and Quantity in iREAP POS Pro

Aplikasi Kasir Android Mendukung Multi Cabang iREAP POS Pro

Decimal digits, also known as decimal places, are the digits that appear after the decimal point and are used to represent numbers that are not whole or contain fractions. Decimal digits are crucial, especially in business, where accuracy in recording and calculating numbers, especially those related to monetary values or precise quantities, is of paramount importance.

iREAP PRO is a solution that simplifies the adjustment of decimal digits or determining the number of digits after the decimal point according to your needs. With this feature, you can easily manage and align number representation with the precision required in your business.

How to add decimal digits to the price and quantity of goods in iREAP Pro:

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.

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