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Published 24 May 2022

Stock Request Detail Report at iREAP POS PRO Via Web Admin

Mobile Cashier Android Support Multiple Store iREAP POS Pro

iREAP POS PRO has the function of requesting goods/stock from a store/branch to the store owner, so the store owner can request goods/stock to the supplier according to the demand for goods/stock that the store needs. Requests for goods/stock can also be requested for goods/stock from a store to the center, so that the center can know that the store needs goods so that stock transfers can be carried out.

How to make a request for goods/stock to a shop owner
How to Transfer Stock Between Stores

This Stock Request Detail Report is for shop owners/owners if you want to see in detail the demand for goods/stock from a shop/branch within the time period you have specified. It is also equipped with column settings in the report, filter by store, search button and export data to CSV, Excel, PDF so that it will be easier for you to request goods/stock to suppliers.

How to View Detailed Stock Request Report in iREAP POS PRO Via Web Admin:

iREAP POS : iREAP stand for Integrated Retail Application, is an application designed and developed to help you managed and run store operation, consists of Point of Sale / Cashier system and inventory control system.