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iREAP Point Of Sale Pro Mobile Cashier Application, Monitor Transactions of All Stores Online Realtime, Anytime, Anywhere.

Mobile android Cashier/Point of Sale system IREAP POS Pro is designed to help you monitor Sales, Inventory/Stock, Cost of Goods Sold and Profit per item.

You can analyze all the transactions of your stores that are spread in various cities and even countries. Analysis can be done as a whole or per store very easily in a few seconds online using application iREAP POS Pro mobile application.

Monitor Sales, Profit & Inventory Realtime, Anytime and anywhere using iREAP POS PRO
iREAP POS PRO Support Transfer Stock for Multiple Store

Monitor The Goods Movement Between Stores Through The iREAP PRO Mobile Android Cashier Application

One of the biggest challenges of the retail business is to monitor the position of goods inventory, especially with your many/multiple stores scattered in various cities and countries. It is often to see a store having an item that cannot be sold, on the other hand, another store needs the item, so we lose the opportunity to sell (opportunity loss).

Another challenge is that when shipping goods between stores, you cannot track the status of the goods, is it being delivered, has been sent, or even lost on the way and never received by the recipient's store.

iREAP POS Pro cashier system provides facilities to carry out goods delivery transactions between stores, you can track whether the goods have been sent from the sending shop, on the way, or have been received by the recipient's shop. the monitoring can be done online through the iREAP PRO Point of Sale application.


Offline & Online Transactions To Support Business Continuity

The Cashier iREAP Pro Point of Sale application, supports the OFFLINE function when your team inputs transactions. Is the sale transaction or movement of goods.

This OFFLINE function is very important, so that when your device is not connected to the internet, your business transactions will still be able to take place without any disruption at all. When your internet connection is reconnected, the iREAP POS Pro cashier system will immediately send OFFLINE transaction data previously stored on the device to the iREAP POS Pro cash register system server.

The iREAP POS Pro Cashier System supports FULL OFFLINE services, where all your transactions will be stored at a store on your device. This is not only very useful during business transactions, but also when your store staff read reports that can be accessed by OFFLINE.

iREAP POS PRO Transaction Offline & Online to Support Business Continuity

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