Every day, your customer interacts directly with the ‘company’ through the assigned employees to serve them. This means that the customer’s decision with your company longer or end in the first visir will depends on the service given by your employees in the frontliner.

Then how your customer give good, sincere, and impressed service to the customer? The answer is simple that your employees must believe first and feels that the company has given its attention and good appreciation to them. There is one sentence that I believe of:
“Happy employees make happy customers and this translates into increased sales and profits.” Which means more or less: ‘satisfied employees will be able to give satisfaction to customer certainly with the impressed service) and will be able to increase the sales number and profit of your company.

The survey has proven that the increase of 10% customer satisfaction will be able to increase the advertisemenr effectivity as of 30%. This means that your advertisement that you deliver to target market will much more effective if the service in your compant is excellent. If your company’s service is bad, then it only will capable to get prospect but will not produce sales because customer is disappointed and unfulfilled expectation. The point is that the marketing program and service excellence must run along and complete each other so it will be able to push the creation of the ultimate sales number.

Unfortunately, until now there are still many company owners that are not trusted with the sentence that I mentioned above. They only rely on advertisement, marketing program, and promotion. They have less attention to the employee’s fate, but they want that the employees give their best service to the customers. They forget that sincerity in serving comes from heart and not solely from Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which is created by the company.

Try reflects it! How your employees can ‘smile’ to the customers if the company never make the smile? How your employees can ‘listen’ customer if the company never hear their complaints/suggestion?

Nowadays, there are still many companies that has not give attention to their employees. Businessmen tend to make use of their employees and lack of treat them well. Most of them has principle ‘build business through human’, but the right thing is ‘build human through business’. By build the employees, then you already built the business properly and the employees will be touched by your generousity. This will have positive impact to your company.

Now, it is up to you! Do you want to have loyal customer because the impressed service or miss opportunity to maintain your customer because the bad service just because the employees are not satisfied to the company?


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