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If you run a business related to buying and selling products or services, then one of the proofs of transactions that you must make is a sales invoice. Unfortunately, many business people still don’t understand what a sales invoice is. Come on, read how to create a sales invoice and an example of a sales invoice in this article.

Sales Invoice Is

A sales invoice or sales invoice is proof of a transaction that states that there has been a sale of goods or services from the seller to the buyer. The form of sales can be cash or credit. The sales invoice includes the name of the item, the amount, the invoice number, and the details of the bill that the consumer must pay. Usually, sales invoices are made in triplicate, namely for the buyer, seller, and company files.

Invoice Types

proof of transactionInvoices are proof of transactions that can be useful when problems occur in the future, such as errors in shipping goods, returning goods due to damage, terms of warranty claims, and so on. In addition, sales and purchase invoices are usually used for tax reporting. Well, here are some types of invoices that you need to know:

  • Standard invoice is the type of invoice you find most often in daily transactions. It is flexible for various transactions and can be made manually or digitally. In a standard invoice, there is information about the invoice number, transaction date, buyer information, list of products or services purchased, prices, payment methods, and so on.
  • Commercial invoice is a special invoice that functions as a sale and purchase document in foreign trade (transaction of imported goods). In the invoice, there will be information regarding taxes from customs. In addition, information on the name and type of goods, quantity, volume or weight, type of packaging, delivery time, insurance, and costs is also listed.
  • Pro forma invoice is an invoice given to the buyer before the product or service purchased is delivered. It could be said; that a pro forma invoice is a substitute invoice for the delivery of goods/services in stages. Later, after all, orders have been sent, the seller will issue a standard invoice as proof that the buying and selling process is complete.
  • A consular invoice is used for international transactions, namely export-import activities. The making of a consular invoice must be authorized and authorized by a representative of the country of delivery or import. These representatives can be trade attaches, consular offices, to embassies of destination countries in exporting countries.

How to Create a Sales Invoice

what is sales invoice?

1. Ensure Complete Invoice Components

You must ensure that the created invoice components are complete, including the title, buyer information, product name or description, product quantity, price, payment method, and payment status.

2. Documents Must Have Identity

The sales invoice must have an identity document in the form of an invoice number, the identity of the seller (the sender of the invoice), and the identity of the buyer (the recipient of the invoice). The essence here includes a telephone number that can be contacted. At the same time, the invoice number is generally a specific unique code consisting of the date, year, serial number, and others.

3. Date of Documents and Company Information

The date on the invoice is the date of purchase of the product, making it easier for you to identify transactions. In addition, you can also add the bill payment due date and bank data for receipt of payment. This way, customers who receive invoices can immediately get the information they have to pay to the correct account.

4. Description of Transaction and Amount

As a proof of transaction and billing tool, you must include a detailed description of the transaction and the amount. Write a list of product names; quantity purchased, unit price, discount (if any), total purchase, and complete to be paid.

Example: a customer buys 5 pcs negligee. The unit price is IDR 75,000. Get a 5% discount on the whole transaction. Then the amount to be paid is IDR 356,250.

5. Payment System & Payment Terms

You must include the payment procedures and terms agreed upon by both parties. For example, the choice of payment method by transfer to a bank account, virtual account, or payment through certain minimarkets. Meanwhile, the payment terms can be a lump sum payment method or an instalment system. A transparent payment system and times will avoid future misunderstandings between the two parties.

Sample Invoice from iReap App

create sales invoices with iReap appTechnological developments provide convenience in doing business, including the convenience of making sales invoices. So, to avoid mispayments and reduce customers’ potential for late payments, you can take advantage of the iReap POS Cashier Application.

In the iReap application, you can create sales invoices automatically after you input a sales transaction, both goods and services. Sales invoices can be sent directly to the customer’s email or WhatsApp. All transactions are now recorded in the database to monitor the company’s cash flow.

How do I get the iReap app? Directly download the free iReap cash register app here.


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