The waiter treatment that we perceived that ‘foodcourt is on show so we can not enter’. In fact, we were allowed to enter but had to buy a card to make purchases of food and beverage transactions. It’s that simple, but why did the waiter not be able to make us happy and have a positive perception?

Readers, too many things are not exactly done by the waiter in the cafe / restaurant / store so as to make the coming customers feel unappreciated and have a bad perception. Why this can happen, but I am sure that the waiter at the top must have a good purpose of serving? The answer is that the waiter has not understood ‘how to serve well’. So, just want to serve well is not enough, but must be supported with good communication skills as well. In conclusion, the waiter had never learned to serve in a good and right way.

Everyone is born with different family backgrounds and different cultures. Therefore, you should never think that everyone can serve well and correctly. Not all employees working in your company have the same mindset of serving. So, make sure before plunging to work to serve customers, they understand well and correctly about the service. If you do not do it, there will be many customers who will be disappointed because it is served by people who do not understand about the excellent service to ‘please the customer’.

Readers of Info Franchise, in this article, I want to emphasize that every thing your employees do in serving will be perceived by the customer as something pleasant (positive) or annoying (negative). So, there are only two conclusions, namely: the service that satisfies the customer or disappoint the customer.

The story at the beginning of this article clearly shows that the waiter did not have good communication skills, his expression was bad, and body language was not fun. It completes all the deficiencies that the waiter has in the story.

I remind you again that a 70% customer perception is formed from non-verbal communication (expression / body language) and 30% of verbal communication (spoken words). Thus, the customer has a positive perception of the waiter must have excellent non-verbal and verbal communication skills.

It is not easy to train your employees to communicate very well. Therefore, from the beginning of the recruitment process, you have to find the right employee candidate so that you will be much easier in the training process. Look for employees who have an ‘intimate’ or ‘people oriented’ character and never choose a task-oriented employee to serve customers because it will be fatal to the quality of service. If the selection process is correct, then the training stage should be really needed to pay your attention. Teach all the things about the service to all employees who will serve the customer. It is not enough just by theory, but you have to do the service simulation and make sure all employees are able to do it very well.

I am sure if you do suggestions above, then all customer will have positive perception about your service and this will make your business grow better because it is ‘liked’ by customer.


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