13 Promising Online Business Ideas Without Capital


13 Promising Online Business Ideas Without Capital

Who says a student can’t earn? There are many kinds of businesses that students can do, you know! You can start running several online businesses without any capital as a student or college student.

Find out what online businesses without capital for students, employees, and homemakers can do right now. So much fun, huh! You can have additional income without disturbing other activities.

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How to do an Online Business Without Capital

How to do an Online Business Without CapitalAs we have known so far, there are many reasons why someone is lazy to do business: the amount of capital that must be prepared. Even though there are many opportunities in doing business, especially in today’s digital era.

If you don’t have a lot of capital to open a shop or stand and so on, at least you already have one money, namely a smartphone. It is enough to use your smartphone or computer and the internet. You can already open a business, you know!

You can open an online business even though you haven’t graduated from school or college without capital. There are many online business opportunities without money today that you have to do of them.

Some inspirations and ways to do online business without capital that you can follow include:

  • Reading many books about online business.
  • Reading several sites that discuss online business tips, such as iReap News.
  • Watching YouTube business influencers regarding online business recommendations without capital and reliability.

After that, you need to execute it immediately, following the tips and tricks from what you have read and heard. One of them can be by downloading an online business application without capital on your smartphone.

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13 List of Online Business Without Capital

13 List of Online Business Without CapitalOnline businesses are often glimpsed and used to generate more income, ranging from students, university students, office employees, and homemakers.

In addition to not having to spend a large amount of capital, online business is also not too troublesome for the perpetrators because it can be done anywhere, even just from home. Therefore, many pursue this type of business.

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What are the online business ideas that can be done? Check out 13 lists of online businesses without capital below!

1. Dropshipper

Of course, you are familiar with the term dropship for those of you who often do online shopping. Dropshipping is a type of business without capital where you can sell goods on your behalf, but the product is delivered by someone else.

Through this venture without capital, you can benefit from the prices you have set yourself. You can select a higher price than the original price.

The dropshipping system is relatively easy; only you can earn income with a smartphone and internet capital plus promotional skills. Just market the product you want to sell on social media and e-commerce, then customers will contact you to buy.

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Not only that, by running a dropship system business, you don’t need to think about your inventory because the supplier handles stock and other matters. You don’t have to bother and spend a big budget on renting a separate warehouse, control, etc. So do not be surprised if many people are interested in this type of online business.

Here are some steps that a dropshipper must take:

  • Search and find items for sale
  • Create an account on a sales site
  • Create a social media account
  • Promote the product to be sold

2. Join Affiliate

Affiliate is almost the same as dropshipping, which is the same type of online business without capital selling other party’s products.

However, what is different between the two is how to get the income; with the affiliate system, the amount of commission you get is by what has been agreed with the seller, which can be 25% to 50%.

Usually, affiliate programs require you to register first. Then, after joining, you will get a coupon code or banner. You can post and share the banner on social media, websites, or other media.

Your commission is based on how many product purchases the consumer makes using your coupon code.

The key to the success of this affiliate business is how to promote the company, and people buy products using your coupon code to get a large percentage of commissions.

3. Opening an Online Course

Online courses are increasingly in demand since the pandemic; this can be an online business idea without capital that is profitable for those with skills in specific fields you want to teach.

This online course can be done by building a unique website that contains various kinds of knowledge material where the material can be accessed with a paid system. It can be a subscription system or a one-time purchase.

You can use a platform like WordPress to help you create online courses with the right system. With the LMS (Learning Management System) plugin owned by WordPress, you will be assisted in managing studies, creating several classes, and collecting payment portals.


4. Social Media Admin

You can try this type of work, which is being a social media admin. There is no need to spend capital in the form of money; the principal capital you must have if you want to work in this field is an idea. A social media admin is in charge of creating ideas to fill out engaging content on the social media accounts held.

You can use a personal smartphone, or several companies or offices provide particular smartphones for social media admins to use.

This job is one of the new types of work in recent years, but many people are interested in working in this field. There are many job opportunities nowadays, especially now that many business accounts need workers to handle their social media accounts.

You have to prepare if you want to work as a social media admin to learn how to create exciting content, do a lot of research on similar accounts about strategies to increase the number of followers, likes, and how to interact with them.

5. Developing a Personal Youtuber Account

Youtube is one type of social media in the form of videos; you can earn income by uploading videos on Youtube. Everyone from any circle of any age can have the opportunity to become a Youtuber.

Some things you need to prepare are smartphones, cameras, laptops, internet networks, and then, most important, of course, exciting and creative ideas.

But you don’t need to worry for those of you who only have a smartphone and don’t have a laptop and camera. Make the most of your smartphone. Many beginner Youtubers record videos using only their smartphone cameras, as well as for video editing, many editing applications can be downloaded via smartphones.

In fact, in the past, some of the Halilintar Gen children, before becoming professional Youtubers, only used smartphones to record videos and edit them.

You have to prepare before becoming a Youtuber: self-confidence, creativity, video editing skills, and high enthusiasm, and never give up.

6. Opening SEO Services

You can open a website optimization consultant service for those of you who have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise. This business can be one the promising opportunities.

SEO experts are needed today, but there are still few people who are experts in their fields.

This online business offers services in helping a business website get the best ranking in search engines. That way, the business’s sales will have the opportunity to increase because of the large number of visitors who are interested in their website and have the potential to make a purchase.

The best strategy for developing this business is to do keyword research, content audits, and monitor backlinks.

7. Become a Freelance Writer

Do you have any skills in writing? This can be a promising online business opportunity without capital for you. Business people need content marketing writing services in promoting their business; even some companies can prepare a large budget to pay for this service.

No need to be confused about getting consumers; you can do various ways, such as joining a freelancer platform and being able to take existing jobs according to the skills you have.

Examples of platforms that you can use are Sribulancer and Projects.co.id by registering or creating an account on this platform, you can find several online business vacancies without the capital you need.

Another way you can do this is by building a blog or portfolio website that shows your skills. And don’t forget to prepare a unique contact page so that when potential clients who are interested in using your services can immediately contact the contact.

Don’t forget to continually promote your skills through several platforms such as social media so that more people know and are interested in using your services.

8. Opening Website Development Services

For those of you who are experts in coding, this business is for you. Opening a website creation service is one of the good online businesses without capital. Many people need this service because they know how important a website is for the business they manage but don’t understand how to make it.

You can start by building a unique and attractive personal website as a promotional medium and your business identity.

Build a strong branding on your skills, keep learning, do research, and learn strategies and tips in developing this business.

9. Become a Blogger

The profession of a blogger is also included in the online business because the writing and content you provide can attract many people to visit your blog.

The more visitors who come, the higher the income you will get. This income is sourced from advertising by joining the Google Adsense platform.

Not only that, sometimes some businesses are willing to pay you to write sponsored posts. Apart from that, you can also sell your products on your blog.

10. Offering Foreign Language Translation Services

Do you have expertise in foreign languages? Offering translation services is one of the business opportunities without capital that you can run.

The more information that comes in from various corners of the world, the languages ​​used also vary; it is impossible if all the articles or books that are not from Indonesia use Indonesian.

At least the language is English, but not everyone can and understands English, especially English sentences, which are pretty tricky and academic like those found in books or scientific journals.

If you are proficient in English, you can try your luck in this business. So that your reputation as a translator is increasingly recognized, you can complete the necessary certificates, and to strengthen your connection, you can join a translator community such as the Indonesian Translator Association (HPI).

11. Open a Deposit Service (JasTip)

You must have heard of this, right? Instagram users know about this service. Currently, many Instagram accounts offer online deposit services or what is often called just.

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Jastip is one of the breakthroughs in the business world by offering a ‘shopping deposit’ system so you can get a commission for buying goods for other people.

12. Offering Consulting Services

If you have expertise worth sharing with many people, you can offer them the services of an online consultant. For example, if you are an SEO expert, you can share related knowledge with new companies that want to improve their company brand.

Another example is that if you are an architect, you can open consulting services related to a property company or private residence design.

The capital needed is a laptop and internet network only. The promotion method is by including a portfolio that shows your competence in dealing with clients who have used your services. You can list all those accomplishments and more on LinkedIn in this professional world.

13. Become a Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer can influence other social media users through uploaded posts.

Suppose you want to become a social media influencer. In that case, you can start developing the social media you have by posting interesting and useful things so that many are interested in following your social media because one of the requirements of a social media influencer is to have a lot of followers.

The income earned by a social media influencer is obtained from product endorsements.

A social media influencer usually earns a large amount of income; for example, for influencers on YouTube, the payout can reach more than $ 12 thousand with 100-500 thousand followers, Instagram influencers $ 5 thousand, Facebook influencers get more than $ 6 thousand, and influencers Twitter is about $ 2 thousand.

The total income will undoubtedly increase as the number of followers and viewers increases. This online business without capital is up-and-coming.

Which one do you plan to run after getting an online business idea without any capital and proven to pay above? What are you waiting for? Execute now, come on!

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