10 Best Selling Takjil that are Favorites in Ramadan

the best selling favorite takjil during ramadan

10 Best Selling Takjil that are Favorites in Ramadan

In a quaint town lies a market that becomes the hub of activity during the sacred month of Ramadan. Here, every evening as if by magic, the market transforms into a captivating gathering place for vendors and buyers of sweet delicacies.

Amidst the bustling corner of the market sits an elderly woman beneath a simple umbrella, her face adorned with a gentle smile that gracefully highlights her weathered features.

She is Mbah Mariam, a vendor of sweet treats who has been a part of this market for decades.

Every day, Mbah Mariam serves up delectable traditional snacks, ranging from refreshing fruit ice to fragrant banana compote.

Yet, behind her friendly smile, lies a treasure trove of captivating tales about her life journey and the secret behind the irresistible allure of her snacks, which always entice customers to return.

Let us immerse ourselves in this enchanting world of sweet delicacies, as we uncover the stories behind the top 10 most popular snacks that are favorites during the fasting month.

The Essence of Snacks in Ramadan: Preserving Tradition and Energy

In every corner of the traditional market, the tantalizing aroma of a variety of snacks beckons to everyone’s senses.

Snacks, with all their deliciousness, are not merely sustenance to fill the stomach after fasting, but also carry deeper significance in upholding tradition and providing energy after a day of hunger and thirst.

For many, snacks are the primary choice to replenish the energy depleted during fasting.

With their high sugar and water content, snacks not only provide the much-needed hydration but also offer quick energy required to carry out daily activities.

However, beyond their practical benefits, snacks also embody rich cultural values, reminding us of the importance of sharing and caring amidst this holy month.


Snack Market Analysis: Trends and Consumer Preferences

Observing the bustling snack market during Ramadan, it is undeniable that this is a busy time for snack vendors. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, there are interesting trends and consumer preferences to be observed.

Experienced snack vendors carefully observe market trends and adjust their offerings according to consumer preferences.

From refreshing green bean ice to sweet dates, each snack holds its special place in the hearts of buyers.

The most popular snacks during Ramadan are often those with authentic flavors and the highest quality.

The stories behind the making of snacks, sometimes passed down from generation to generation, add emotional value and consumer trust to the products.

Let us delve deeper and discover the fascinating stories behind these top 10 most popular snacks.

10 Best Selling Takjil that are Favorites in Ramadan

Top 10 Bestselling Snacks: Tales Behind Tempting Delicacies

1. Fresh Fruit Ice

In the midst of the scorching Ramadan heat, fresh fruit ice becomes a refreshing delight enjoyed by many.

Adorned with a variety of fresh fruits cut beautifully and served with a drizzle of fruit syrup, fruit ice never fails to capture the hearts of buyers.

2. Ajwa Dates

This snack holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims. Ajwa dates, believed to have their own health benefits and blessings, always remain a favorite choice on the iftar table.

3. Dawet Ayu

This sweet dish from Java captivates many with its chewy dawet texture and the richness of thick coconut milk. Drizzled with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk, dawet ayu always succeeds in bringing customers back for more.

4. Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream bars never lose their charm, especially during the summer months of Ramadan. With a variety of enticing flavors, from chocolate and vanilla to strawberry, ice cream bars are always a refreshing choice.

5. Fresh Fruit Juice

Rich in nutrients and vitamins, fresh fruit juice is always a healthy and refreshing choice for breaking the fast. With a variety of fruits such as oranges, apples, and watermelon, fresh fruit juice never runs out of fans.

6. Banana Compote

Banana compote is a classic dish that stands the test of time. With bananas cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar, and added with pieces of sweet potato, banana compote always succeeds in increasing the appetites of buyers.

7. Grass Jelly Ice

Grass jelly ice is a favorite snack that always refreshes. With chewy grass jelly cubes and the distinctive flavor of palm sugar, grass jelly ice is always the awaited refreshment during Ramadan.

8. Lupis

A classic dish made from glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and served with liquid palm sugar, lupis is a snack that always grabs attention with its delicious sweetness.

9. Sweet Potato Compote

Sweet potato compote is a snack rich in flavor and texture. With sweet potato seeds made from flour cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar, and added with pieces of sweet potato, sweet potato compote is always a satisfying choice.

10. Mixed Fruit Ice

A fruit-based dish rich in fresh fruits, mixed fruit ice is always the anticipated snack for many. With a mix of jackfruit, avocado, young coconut, and coconut milk, mixed fruit ice is a refreshing and delicious snack.

Each snack has its own story and uniqueness, making it a favorite in the hearts of many. From generations-old traditions to innovative creations, snacks always remain an integral part of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Iconic Snack Recipes: Delights that Can Be Made at Home

In addition to enjoying delicious snacks from traditional markets, making snacks at home can also be a fun and satisfying experience. Here are some iconic snack recipes that you can try making at home:

  1. Fresh Fruit Ice: Cut your favorite fruits, such as melon, watermelon, grapes, and pineapple. Mix all the fruits in a large bowl, add a little sugar syrup or honey if desired, and serve with ice cubes.
  2. Ajwa Dates: Choose high-quality Ajwa dates and clean them carefully. Cut the dates in half and remove the seeds. Fill the middle part of the dates with almond or walnut paste, and serve as a snack or treat.
  3. Dawet Ayu: To make dawet, mix rice flour, tapioca flour, and enough water until the mixture becomes thick. Boil the mixture in boiling water until cooked, then remove and drain. Serve dawet with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.
  4. Banana Compote: Boil pieces of banana in coconut milk and palm sugar until the bananas are tender and the coconut milk thickens. Serve banana compote warm or cold according to preference.
  5. Grass Jelly Ice: Prepare grass jelly from a mixture of water and agar-agar powder. Cut the grass jelly into small cubes and serve in a bowl with palm sugar water and ice cubes.

By trying these snack recipes at home, you can not only enjoy their deliciousness but also experience the satisfaction of making something with your own hands.

10 Best Selling Takjil that are Favorites in Ramadan

Business Inspiration: Seizing Opportunities from the Popularity of Snacks

Snacks are not just about deliciousness and tradition, but also a promising business opportunity, especially during the fasting month. Here are some business ideas that you can consider to capitalize on the popularity of snacks during this holy month:

1. Snack Stall

Set up a temporary snack stall in front of your house or in busy areas. Offer a variety of traditional and innovative snacks, and provide friendly and professional service to customers.

2. Snack Catering

Provide snack catering services for iftar events at offices, schools, or places of worship. Offer complete snack packages with various favorite snack options, and add a creative touch to the presentation.

3. Online Culinary

Utilize online platforms to sell snacks online. Create a website or a dedicated app to sell a variety of snacks, and use social media to promote your products to a wider audience.

4. Snack Franchise

Open up opportunities for your snack franchise to local entrepreneurs. Provide support in terms of training, equipment, and marketing to help them start a successful snack business.

5. Packaged Snack Products

Package favorite snacks in practical and attractive packaging for sale in convenience stores or supermarkets. Offer different product variations and emphasize the quality and cleanliness of your products.

By seizing the opportunity from the popularity of snacks during the fasting month, you can run a profitable business and also make a positive contribution to the surrounding community.


Ramadan is not just about hunger and thirst, but also about celebrating delicacies and compassion.

Amidst the glittering traditional markets and the tempting aroma of snacks, we find the richness of social and cultural values that enrich the Ramadan experience.

Easy homemade fresh drink takjil recipe, from refreshing fruit ice to blessed Ajwa dates, snacks have become an inseparable part of the tradition of breaking the fast worldwide.

The stories behind the deliciousness of snacks teach us about local wisdom, culinary creativity, and the importance of preserving cultural traditions.

So, let us celebrate the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm and blessings, while preserving the tradition of sharing snacks and making it a real form of the values ​​of care and togetherness.

Enjoy the snacks and enjoy fasting worship. May this Ramadan bring blessings and happiness to us all.



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