Many business people have not consistently implemented their business plans/plans. There are many reasons not to carry out a well-thought-out plan. Their plans are usually good but still weak in terms of execution. Then what is the meaning of a grand plan but not optimal performance? Of course, a brilliant idea will mean nothing if the implementation is not excellent.

Last week I visited a businessman in Yogyakarta. Many things I dug up during the consultation, including I asked about the work program that has been prepared this year. The businessman enthusiastically told me that many new programs were creative and innovative. But when I asked if the program was executed late, the businessman replied, ‘It’s not as easy as it seems. Difficult’.

Dear readers, many business people have big plans (starting from marketing program plans, improving customer service, improving operational activities, etc.) but cannot execute them properly. Why? Several reasons include not having a realization target, not having a team, having no control, being easily discouraged, and many other causes.

Many say ‘program planning is not very difficult, but the execution is complicated. Then how? In a talk show on one radio, almost all informants noted that most business people are weak in determining the time limit for executing the plan. Indeed, this is one of the biggest obstacles because many reasons could justify not implementing the strategies.

In my opinion, for all plans that have been made to be executed properly, they must meet the SMART criteria, namely Specific (unique), Measurable (measured), Attainable (achievable), Relevant (relevant), and Time-Based (time-based).

Specific means a plan must be clear and focused. For example, if you want to develop a branch in Eastern Indonesia, all your energy must focus there. You must know the market and the customer’s character there correctly. This way, you will be very much in control of Eastern Indonesia. Measurable means that each plan must be assessed for its level of success in a number (quantitative) so that it is easy to measure.

Attainable means that the plan that is designed must be achievable by the strengths you have. If it is not calculated correctly, then the plan will only be a beautiful plan that cannot be achieved. For example, in 1 month, you want to open five branches, even though the team can only open one chapter in 1 month. This will confuse your team, and no new units will open.

Relevant means being realistic about the current situation. For example, if the macroeconomic situation is not good, then a defensive strategy is better than expansion. And lastly, Time-Based means that all plans must fall within a clear time frame. The execution target must have a time limit, and all must be disciplined in carrying it out.

According to my experience as a consultant, if a business person has a business plan that refers to SMART, the execution will be much more successful. Furthermore, the program must also be evaluated so that the project that will be made next is much better.


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