As a business and franchise consultant, I have met hundreds of business people and people looking to start a business in the last ten years. From them, I heard many happy and sad stories.

I will not write happy stories in this article, and I will write about the bitter experiences experienced by people just starting a business.

One of the people I met was a retiree from a private company in Jakarta. After entering retirement, he wanted to start a business so that it wouldn’t be too difficult, and he decided to take a business opportunity in the culinary field.

Long story short, he chose a culinary brand, and 90% of the pension he received at the end of his tenure was used to buy the business opportunity.

But unfortunately, he made the wrong choice; it turns out that the brand owner only took money at the beginning (in the franchise system, it is often called a franchise fee / initial fee) and did not do any coaching, and did not provide support at all like the initial promise.

Dear readers, maybe this is one of many stories experienced by new entrepreneurs.

The brand chooser or the owner of a business opportunity does not keep the promise and harms the person with whom they cooperate.

This group of businessmen does not run a business with excellent and proper ethics, so they have the heart to ‘cheat’ other people. The more here, the more stories of business people who are disappointed when buying a business opportunity.

How could this happen?

According to my analysis, not all businessmen are born and educated in the right way. It could also be that they have mentors who don’t have business ethics, so the business they build is only after material pursuits.

They only focus on making money, and everything is done as long as they can make money, including making other people lose. This is a matter of morality in business, and I am very concerned about this situation.

Then, how?

As business people, we should have excellent and right morals and ethics in running a business. We must study with authentic business gurus who have set good examples. There are still many good business people around us who want to teach good values ​​in business.

Is it possible to do business in a good and right way?

The answer can be as long as we want. Businesses have to think about other people, and we have to focus on helping others to succeed. Thus we will be more successful because it has made other people happy.

Of course, it is not easy to run a business with excellent and correct values. Still, if we try to run it, the GOOD and RIGHT VALUES we have run can help make our brand strong and automatically become an extraordinary story so that customers will believe it even more.

This powerful marketing will make our business more prominent and last for a long time. We will be winners.

Let us always remember that there is no long-term success if ‘we make others suffer’ or ‘we deceive others.’


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