Workshop UKM Goes Online Blok B Tanah Abang, iREAP, APTIKNAS &


This is in line with iReap mission to empowering small medium enterprises(SME’s) to managing their store more efficient. So that increasing their income and grow their business as well. The attendees who mostly enterpreneur at location seem enthusiast with bring in question to the speaker about how to running iReap point of sale on their businesses.

Come along to the event, Head of DPD APTIKNAS Jakarta and also as a directur of PT Daya Cipta Mandiri – Mr. Fanky Christian, Chairman of APTIKNAS – Mr. Ir. Soegiharto Santoso, Project Manager Tanah Abang Wholesale market Blok B – Mrs. Hesti, GM Tanah Abang Wholesale market Blok B – Mrs. Bevi Linawati, DPD APTIKNAS East Java Regional – Mr. Tritan, and China INPUS – Mr. Tao


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