What is Customer Intimacy?


Customer Intimacy

When the competition in the market is so tight, and customers are getting smarter, then the price war will no longer be effective. Customers will buy products or use your company’s services if the value and price match. In addition, customers will choose a company that can understand their expectations.

You’ve probably heard a lot about Customer Intimacy. The definition of this term, according to www.businessdirectory.com, is a marketing strategy in which service suppliers or product retailers become close to their clients.

The benefits of greater customer intimacy for businesses may include increased highly customized problem-solving capabilities and greater adaptability of products to customer needs, and higher levels of customer loyalty.

The point is how companies build strong bonds with customers by providing them with total solutions. Customer Intimacy can start to be built with good communication, which makes customers feel comfortable.

How to Build Customer Intimacy

In this article, I will discuss how to build Customer Intimacy so that your company can continue to exist and grow as expected.

Customer Intimacy can be built through Service Excellence

Service Excellence can be built easily if you understand how the customer’s five senses (5 senses) work.

You must be able to pamper the customer’s five senses, starting from the sense of sight (sight), hearing (hearing), taste (taste), touch (touch), and smell (smell).

For example: when customers enter your office/business place – make sure they see everything neatly and cleanly (sight); their ears listen to the right music (hearing); serve food/drinks that taste good (taste); provide comfortable seating (touch), and make sure the customer does not smell an unpleasant odor when visiting (smell).

So you have to pay attention to all the factors above so that customers have a good and positive perception.

Furthermore, Customer Intimacy can be built with Service Oriented

This means that all components in your company must show friendliness, have excellent product knowledge, have a broad understanding of the industry, understand business processes, and have the ability to explore the needs of each customer.

Understanding the customer deeply

Frontline, as an information gateway, must be able to explore customer needs and must be able to explain the products/services offered properly and correctly, and clearly. To properly examine what the customer needs, the frontline must give a good impression so the customer feels fit and can ‘click.’

Providing Always Better Service

Create higher service standards from time to time so that customers don’t feel monotonous. Use creative ideas that can make your ministry more vibrant and colorful. Thus the customer is never bored when visiting and will share his experience with others.

In closing, I emphasize that in building Customer Intimacy, you should not be rigid and must be more flexible in terms of serving customers.

You still have to have an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) as a guide, but you may change according to your needs/conditions in the field. Of course, the change is aimed at customer satisfaction.

Remember, all the policies you take in the company must favor the customer. Never make rules that make it difficult for customers because you are blocking the way for your business’s success.


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