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All companies are competing to build ‘customer loyalty. Many succeeded but not a few failed because the strategies used were inappropriate. This is all because the company does not understand the concept of customer loyalty properly and does not place the customer as the primary focus.

Building Customer Loyalty is undoubtedly not an easy thing. Customer loyalty will be formed if all management teams, from CEOs to staff employees, have the right mindset about Service Excellence. Without Service Excellence, never dream of building Customer Loyalty.

Guide to Building Customer Loyalty

In this article, I will provide simple ideas that you can use to start building Customer Loyalty in your company. Of course, it takes a long time and consistency. Rest assured that you can do it if you are on the right track.

Creating a Good First Impression

Customers will never forget the first impression when you serve. For that, you must always provide the best service so that customers get a positive impression. Thus the customer will never forget your company.

Providing Fast & Precise Service

You are always trying to provide fast service without forgetting the accuracy factor. Don’t forget always to inform customers when you need to provide solutions to them.

Opening Opportunities for Direct Interaction

Customers always want to try to communicate with your company at all times. For this reason, even though they can’t meet in person, they still hope to be able to interact with people in your company online. For that, create a complete and interactive contact center, so customers still feel close to your company through the staff on duty.

Anticipating Customer Desire

If you manage to anticipate the customer’s wishes and provide a fast and appropriate solution, you will be able to attract the customer’s heart. This also means that the customer will be with you for longer.

Using Magic Words and Avoiding Killer Words

Remind your service staff always to use nice words (magic words) and avoid words that customers perceive negatively (killer words). Do not use forbidden words that make customers uncomfortable. In addition to terms, you also have to pay attention to posture, gesture, and body language – so that customers feel comfortable and appreciated.

Recruiting the Right Customer Service Staff

It would help if you had customer service staff who could interact well and serve customers wholeheartedly. Customer service must also be able to create customer intimacy so that customers feel close and have a bond. What you need to remember is that customer service staff are the spearhead of your company because they are the ones who can make customers feel at home and, at the same time, can make customers not come back again.

From the points above, I suggest that you can see that the customer is the focus, so the role of human resources becomes crucial, and technology becomes an indispensable supporting factor. For this reason, the two must be combined to become a great weapon to conquer customers’ hearts.


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