Definition of Sales Management, Function and Purpose


Definition of Sales Management

Sales Management is an unavoidable aspect of implementing a company’s marketing strategy. The existence of good management makes the product marketing process more organized. That way, the product sales process can run more efficiently and be able to generate higher profits for the company.

Regarding the benefits that can drive profits, sales management is knowledge that is not only needed by big business people. However, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) also need to implement it. That way, you can compete better even if you have to deal with bigger companies.

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Understanding and Important Aspects of Sales Management

What is Sales Management?Sales management is the process of developing a sales team, coordinating the implementation of sales strategies, and simultaneously applying sales techniques to the business. Its application can help companies to be able to achieve predetermined targets and even exceed them.

Implementation of sales management can encourage cooperation from each person in the sales team. In its application, The Investors Book mentions three important aspects in sales management, namely:

1. Sales operations

This aspect is the sales manager’s effort to form a team that can work effectively. For this reason, the sales manager is not only in charge of choosing the right human resources (HR). However, you also need to equip them with the appropriate knowledge in order to make a good sale.

2. Sales strategy

Sales management application must also pay attention to strategy. You cannot immediately hold merchandise in a crowded place and expect buyers to come and make transactions. Instead, you need to build a sales funnel that can deliver conversions on an ongoing basis.

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3. Sales analysis

The third aspect is analysis. You need to make sure that your existing sales team and strategy are able to show optimal performance. With the analysis process, you can find out which parts need improvement.

Sales Management Function

Sales Management FunctionThe application of sales management can help companies to get bigger profits. This achievement was made possible by the four main functions of sales management , namely:

1. Target setting

The first function is to help set sales targets. Setting sales targets is not only related to the quantity of products that are successfully sold. However, you also need to ensure a balance, especially when the company has several products for different segments.

2. Planning, budgeting and organizing

When the sales target has been set, the next sales management function is planning, budgeting, and organizing at the same time. Companies can choose to use existing strategies or make modifications as needed. Fundamental aspects such as the use of resources, distribution channels, or programs being implemented, are a discussion that cannot be overlooked.

3. Implementation

The implementation of sales management also serves to ensure that the sales strategy can be implemented properly. Implementation efforts can be carried out by recruiting new employees, providing training, or determining sales compensation.

4. Control and evaluation

The last function, sales management, can assist managers in controlling and evaluating the programs that are running. You can compare between the initial goals that have been set with the results of the achievement of the sales team. Besides, you can also pay attention to the performance of individual sales team members by paying attention to important aspects such as customer satisfaction, cash flow, sales volume, and expenses.

Sales Management Purpose

Sales Management PurposeIn addition, the implementation of sales management in business has five objectives, namely:

1. Earn revenue

The main responsibility of each person in the sales division is to provide income for the company.

2. Boost sales figures

Through the efficient implementation of sales management , the company hopes to achieve increased product sales figures. If the sales activity goes well, the production team can work optimally.

3. Make a profit

The implementation of sales management aims to make the company able to get more profit. Therefore, the sales team needs to implement effective planning, coordination and control.

4. Business development

If the company is able to sell a large number of products, the business can grow. In fact, it is possible for the company to become a market leader.

5. Consumer conversion

Turning a prospect into a loyal customer requires careful planning. You can achieve this achievement through the application of sales management.

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