6 Ways to Make Payment Receipts and Sample Receipts ?


6 Steps to Make a Sample Payment Receipt

There are various examples of payment receipts circulating in the market that are used as proof of payment and you must be familiar with the various forms of receipts. Yes, receipts are widely used for proof of payment transactions.

As we know that receipts must be made for transactions of large value, and even a stamp is added so that they can have legal value. Because the definition of a receipt is a document of evidence that a transaction/payment has occurred. How to make a payment receipt is usually signed by the recipient of the money and given to the payer or money giver.

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This one document is very necessary to make it easier to record cash flows. It is also a means of proof that someone has correctly received money for a purpose, such as the purchase of a product or service.
If a problem occurs (for example someone says you have not paid) then the receipt can be used as evidence and considered valid.

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How to Create a Payment Receipt

Here’s how to make the correct receipt in detail:

  1. In the number section, write the transaction number. Numbers must be written clearly. this will make it easier for you to track. For example: 001, 001/BYR/2020.
  2. For the portion Received from, write the name of the money received from. Name must be complete and in accordance with KTP. If it is different, it must be repeated on a new receipt.
  3. In the Amounts section, write the amount of money in numeric format. Example: IDR 10,000,000.
  4. In the for payment section, you must specify the purpose for which the money is transferred. example: Paying the Coffee Shop Business Opportunity Payments, Paying Boba Beverage Franchise Advances, Paying DP for Geprek Chicken Food Franchise Purchases, etc.
  5. In the Summarized section, you must write down the total amount submitted in sentences, not numbers. This is very important to avoid mistakes when writing numbers. You know that one 0.
  6. For the bottom right, write down the place and date of the transaction. At the bottom, add the signature and clear name of the recipient of the money.

Format Form and Content of Payment Receipt

Payment Receipts generally have a standard form. If you pay attention, there are several points that must be listed, including:

  1. Payment Receipt Number, functions to facilitate recording of transactions made, both on the party paying the amount of money and the recipient of the money.
  2. Name of the person who gave the money. Write the name in clear writing and spelling so you do not misread.
  3. The nominal amount of money to be submitted is in the format of numbers and sentences. This is important so that it cannot be changed easily. Don’t get it wrong (numbers and writing must be correct).
  4. Purpose of Pay, so that it can be clearly identified as to the receipt.
  5. Place and date of transfer of money. This is important to make tracking easier if it is needed.
  6. Clear name (according to the KTP / Identity Card No) and signature of the money recipient (must also match the one on the KTP). Remember, put a stamp so that it has legal value.

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Apart from the 6 points above, you can make a receipt as needed and in an appropriate format.

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Sample Payment Receipt Template

Here are some examples of receipts: Sample Payment Receipt form

Sample Payment Receipt form
Sample Payment Receipt form
Sample Payment Receipt form
format sample payment receipt - indonesian
format sample payment receipt – indonesian
form sample payment receipt - indonesian
form sample payment receipt – indonesian

Tips for Using a Payment Receipt

At the end of this article I want to convey two important things in using receipts so that you do not get it wrong, namely:

  1. Never sign blank receipts or have not filled in certain information. This is to avoid misuse by irresponsible parties.
  2. Compare the name and signature on the receipt with the recipient’s KTP.

All financial matters with anyone, related to paying to pay, make sure you use a receipt.

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