First-Hand Supplier List with the Lowest Prices

First-Hand Supplier List with the Lowest Prices
First-Hand Supplier List with the Lowest Prices

In the business world, especially for SMEs, choosing the right supplier is key to ensuring business continuity and growth. First-hand suppliers offer more competitive prices by eliminating the additional costs from intermediaries. This article will discuss some of the best first-hand suppliers to help you get the lowest prices.

What are Suppliers? Definition and Types of Suppliers

Using online marketplaces is an efficient strategy for finding the right vendor or supplier for your business. These marketplaces offer a wide platform where you can find various suppliers selling products in large quantities at competitive prices.

Here are some marketplaces with the lowest product prices still relevant in 2024:

  1. is a popular marketplace in China known for its highly competitive prices. This platform offers a wide range of products, from electronics, clothing, household appliances to industrial products. The main advantage of is direct access to Chinese local manufacturers and wholesalers, allowing buyers to obtain prices lower than traditional markets or other platforms. This makes an attractive choice for business operators seeking quality products at wholesale prices for resale.

  2. AliExpress

    AliExpress is an ideal choice for those interested in international market research, especially trending products from China. This marketplace stands out with its features, including various payment options, multilingual support, and flexible product return policies. If you plan to explore trending products and want to test samples from China, AliExpress offers a highly suitable platform for your needs.


    Alibaba, known as one of the most popular marketplaces globally, recorded more than 605 million active users in 2023. With a primary focus on the B2B (Business to Business) business model, Alibaba is an ideal destination for those looking for large-scale product purchases. This platform offers highly competitive prices, making it a perfect choice for businesses wanting to acquire goods efficiently.


    Tanah Abang Market, often abbreviated as TAM, is a prime choice for cheap online goods suppliers in Indonesia. is highly suitable for those seeking local suppliers for fashion items. With its focus on a wide and diverse fashion market, this platform provides direct access to various merchants in Tanah Abang Market, known as one of the largest fashion centers in Southeast Asia. This offers a great opportunity for you to find various contemporary fashion choices at competitive prices, directly from the source. It’s ideal for fashion businesses looking to offer the latest products at affordable prices.

  5. is one of the cheapest online goods suppliers in Indonesia, highly suitable for those looking for sources for fashion business or other local products. Established in 2014, targets business players like SMEs in Indonesia. The advantage of lies in its ability to bridge resellers, dropshippers, and SMEs with suppliers or producers who have products. They offer features that adapt to the latest technological developments, including A-Z solutions for drop shipping services. Additionally, also provides educational and mentoring programs for SMEs, allowing their members to learn and be able to sell SME products in large quantities without needing to stock goods or have a large capital.


Don’t forget to also use the iREAP POS PRO cashier application. This application allows you to monitor inventory stock reports and profits automatically without having to calculate manually for those who want to record stock items. Another very useful advantage is the ability to identify the most popular trends or fast-moving items, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with market dynamics and consumer needs. For new business operators, the iREAP POS Pro cashier application can be an effective solution.


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