Kenangan Coffee Franchise – How to Get Started?


kenangan coffee franchise

The contemporary iced coffee business looks very promising for you to try, this is because the habit of drinking coffee is increasing among the younger generation, one of the coffee outlet brands that is quite well known among the public is Kenangan Coffee.

A coffee shop that is almost always crowded and becomes a hangout place makes this coffee franchise business opportunity like a golden fountain that always pours out luck for you. And surely you are trying to estimate the estimated price of the Kenangan Coffee franchise, for example.

One of the pioneers who started the iced coffee milk competition was Kenangan Coffee , as one of the pioneers of the grab and go coffee chain which first operated in 2017.

Located at the Standard Chartered Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta, founded by Edward Tirtanata and James Pranoto, it was able to reach the break even point in just 3 months. A very short time for the FnB business at a relatively affordable price at that time.

How to Join a Kopi Kenangan Franchise

Getting a BEP in such a short time must be very tempting, right? Many even ask, can Kenangan Coffee be invited to a franchise? Or how much, the price of the Kopi Kenangan franchise?

If you have such desires and questions, you must bite your finger. Because Edward Tirtanata as the CEO of Kenangan Coffee emphasized that for now there are no signs of expansion through the franchise or franchise.

But don’t be discouraged, if you have large enough funds, you can join the management of Kenangan Coffee as share holder or one of the shareholders.

However, it is estimated that the valuation value that you can get will be different if you have your own Kenangan Coffee outlet.

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Capital Costs to Open a Kenangan Coffee Franchise

The number of people who like and become customers of this one coffee shop makes many parties feel interested in finding out about the ways and costs of opening their own memorable coffee franchise.

This is also because the Kenangan coffee brand is able to continue to compete well and maintain its quality and popularity in the midst of conditions that many parties are also trying to open a similar business by utilizing the existence of a franchise.

However, this does not only make the owners of Kenangan Coffee want to follow the same path to develop their business.

The absence of a Kenangan coffee franchise is also due to the many parties who provide financial support from many celebrities to international celebrities to maintain this one business.

Even until mid-2020, Kopi Kenangan itself had more than 324 outlets spread throughout Indonesia without using a franchise system.

This is an advantage he has that makes him even more at the forefront of the business he runs.

Kenangan Coffee uses the venture capital method to develop, after being successful in the first year and having several outlets, Edward and James moved to pitch to various funding companies.

As a result, in 2018 Kenangan Coffee received an injection of $8 million from Alph JWC. Then, Sequioa Capital disbursed 20 million dollars in 2019 to May 2020 with a total investment from this funding company to Kenangan Coffee reaching 237 million dollars.

For those of you who are still wondering about the cost of a Kopi Kenangan franchise, the answer is no. Choosing not to open a franchise, according to Edward, is a way to keep Kopi Kenangan’s vision alive.

Because, in his opinion, with a franchise, each outlet may have different interests due to one or more factors, such as the selection of different raw materials, resulting in differences in taste between outlets.

If you want to try to be able to take advantage of the existing franchise, then you must be part of the management of Kenangan Coffee as one of the shareholders in this business.

This means that the amount of capital prepared is of course not small and it may be necessary to prepare a larger amount to be able to become a shareholder of the Kenangan coffee business.

Business Smoothly with iReap Cashier App

While no license has been opened to legalize the Kenangan coffee franchise, this need not be a barrier to opening your own existing business.

Use the iReap cashier application to be able to assist in seeing the growth of the ongoing business so that it can be monitored properly. Complete and good resources can support the business to run more smoothly.



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