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You all will agree that Marketing 4.0 which is often discussed lately is very important to know.

Marketing 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions between companies and customers. In the era of the digital economy, it turns out that digital interaction alone is not enough.

At a time when the online world is evolving, the offline touch has become a strong differentiating point and a good leverage for a brand.

In the era of Marketing 4.0, a brand not only puts forward good branding, but also relevant content according to customer expectations and is able to display good content with up-to-date and good packaging. So Marketing 4.0’s main goal is to win customer advocacy.

In the culinary world, the Marketing 4.0 strategy has begun to be widely used by several brands.

The company encourages customers to upload photos of food/beverages and provide testimonials or online advocacy through social media.

The goal is for potential customers who are not familiar with the product or who are still hesitant to try to become more confident and finally want to buy.

So the company began to optimize the role of the customer to become a team that spreads the good news.

Many attractive offers are given to customers so that they want to tell stories through social media, such as direct discounts, vouchers for the next meal, and other ways.

The competition in the culinary world is so tight that culinary businessmen must be able to take advantage of customers and all related parties to be willing to work together to increase brand awareness online and offline.

So don’t be surprised if today many brands use the services of food bloggers to increase brand awareness and sales figures.

The company’s marketing budget is starting to be allocated a lot in the online world because they believe that netizens have great potential.

Remember that Marketing 4.0 is not only about online strategy but also offline. So business people have to keep thinking about brand activation so they can meet directly with customers.

Usually, after an offline brand activation event is held, the event must be communicated online.

This will also make the content in online media more interesting and most importantly so that netizens also understand all offline events held by the company.

Dear readers, like it or not, Marketing 4.0 must be carried out so that a brand can win the competition.

Business people must start to dare to make a breakthrough and make a strategy that is different from competitors.

Don’t always think in general but have to make an out of the box strategy for both online and offline.

At the end of this article I would like to say that the role of human resources (HR) in the Marketing 4.0 era remains very important. Without human resources who have good communication skills, the program to encourage customers to provide testimonials and advocacy will not work.

However, good communication will make customers more motivated to help a brand become more successful through their advocacy.


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