Promotion Objectives and the Importance of Brand Awareness


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Business competition is getting tougher, mainly because of the support of digitalization and technology that allows business owners to promote in many ways. What are the promotion objectives? How do promotions increase brand awareness? Come on, learn and apply it immediately for better business progress.

Functions and Purpose of Promotion

To develop a better business, you as a business owner need to do promotions. Each business owner may determine the promotion objectives based on the scale of the business and the targets to be achieved. Some of the promotional objectives including:

  • Attract consumers’ attention, so they want to buy and use the products, services, or services offered.
  • Building a positive image (branding) for brands and products in the minds of consumers.
  • Increase sales and profits for the business.
  • Increase the number of customers and increase customer loyalty.
  • Other promotional purposes can also provide information about products, attractive programs provided by brands, or tips.

The overall purpose of the promotion, whatever the purpose of your promotion, is to help develop the business on an ongoing basis. Another purpose of promotion is also to increase brand awareness. What is brand awareness? Continue reading, yes.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is brand awareness that consumers have and shows the extent to which consumers are familiar with the brand and the products, services, and services of your business. There are several ways to increase brand awareness, for example, focusing on unique products/services, implementing creative marketing strategies, or promoting on social media.

You also build communication and interaction with consumers actively through various digital platforms. Before carrying out various promotional activities to increase brand awareness, it’s a good idea first to understand the level of brand awareness.

brand awareness levels

Brand Awareness Level

1. Top of Mind

Top of mind refers to the first brand associated with a similar product or service. For example, when discussing a list of popular fast food restaurants. You will immediately think of Mcdonald’s and KFC. That is, the two brands reached the top of the mind level.

Another example, when you want to buy mineral water, you mention Aqua. Though not necessarily what you end up buying the Aqua brand. When the name of a brand or product is firmly stuck in the minds of consumers, the brand will always be remembered by consumers when they need something to fulfill specific needs. In other words, the stronger the brand awareness, the stronger the brand name influences consumer purchase decisions.

2. Brand Recall

A brand recall occurs when a brand comes to a person’s mind when they need a product or service. It can also happen because of socializing or chatting with friends.

3. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition allows audiences to recognize a business through visual markers, such as logos, slogans, taglines, colors, packaging, or marketing campaigns. There are many ways to identify how far the level of brand awareness is. You can conduct surveys, fill out questionnaires, distribute customer satisfaction questionnaires, or evaluate and analyze customer data in the POS application you use. If you haven’t used the POS application yet, you can download the POS application here.

4. Zero Awareness

Business owners need to build brand awareness from scratch when starting a business. At this point, you are still at the bottom of the pyramid, which means you are not familiar with it, but you have a lot of room to maximize to get consumers to recognize your product.

Some of the promotional ways you can do to increase their awareness including:

  • Promoting on social media through collaboration with bloggers and influencers.
  • Advertising on various digital platforms.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Advertising outline: brochures, advertisements in print and radio media, billboards, pamphlets, and so on.
promotion goals and targets

Promotional Goals That Are Aligned with Brand Awareness Benefits

1. Creating Strong and Positive Perceptions

Strong branding awareness can create its perception in the minds and minds of consumers. Of course, the perception formed must be strong and positive. For example, consumer perceptions of the choice of sports shoe brands that are not only comfortable, but good shoes are light, strong, and can make the wearer more confident.

2. Cultivating Trust

Promotional objectives that align with the benefits of further brand awareness can grow consumer confidence in your business. The greater the trust, the stronger the impulse felt by consumers to buy and own the products offered. At the same time, the increase in customer trust will be directly proportional to the increase in sales and customer loyalty.

3. Making Consumers Realize Your Brand’s Existence is Important

When brand awareness is built strong, then the value of the brand also increases. Of course, strong brand awareness is one of the goals businesses want to achieve, especially those who have implemented B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) marketing strategies in recent years.

From the review of promotional objectives and the importance of brand awareness above, which ones have you done? What benefits have you gotten from implementing the promotional strategies that have been carried out? Let’s share by sending an email to


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