What is Promotion, Strategy, Type, Cost and Benefits?

What is Promotion

What is Promotion, Strategy, Type, Cost and Benefits?

Various strategies can be done in a business so that sales can be further increased; one of these strategies is promotion. Promotion is a form of the strategy carried out by marketing products that aim to attract customers to buy the products or services you offer.

Promotion is one way to attract customers. Therefore it is not surprising that almost every day, we see this promotional activity in various places, such as on billboards on highways, radio, internet, and on television.

The Meaning of Promotion is

The Meaning of Promotion is

The definition of promotion is a communication activity carried out by the owner of a product or service aimed at the public to use the goods and services.

Promotional activities are an event to introduce products and services to customers and influence them to use or buy them.

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Likewise, according to several experts who have quite a lot listed in various literature that specifically discusses the business world, the notion of promotion. These definitions of promotion make it easier for business practitioners and business actors to understand what promotion is.

According to Suryana in his book, he explains that promotion is a way of communicating the goods and services offered so that consumers know and buy these products and services. According to Suryana, customers need to know the products and services offered before buying them.

Meanwhile, according to Kusmono, the market’s notion of promotion is an attempt to influence other parties to participate in exchange activities.

Among several business experts, Basu Swastha Dharmmesta is quite clear about what promotion is. In 2000, he stated that promotion is an activity that can be viewed as a one-way flow of information or persuasion made to influence a person or organization towards actions that create exchanges in marketing.

And the explanation above is used again by Basu Swastha Dharmesta in the book he co-authored with Irawan in 2005.

Promotion is a means of informing, influencing, persuading and reminding consumers about your business and its marketing mix.

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Definition of Promotional Mix

Definition of Promotional Mix

If a seller wants to promote effectively, then a promotion mix is ​​needed.
The promotion mix is ​​one part of the marketing mix that is included in marketing management science.

From this understanding, we can conclude that promotion cannot be separated from marketing itself, so marketing will not work without promotion.

As explained above, the notion of the promotion mix is ​​a combination of the best strategies from various advertising variables, personal selling and several other promotional tools. All promotions carried out aim to achieve the targets or goals of the sales program made by the company.

Types of Promotion

Types of Promotion

Promotion is one of the right ways to make your company’s products easily known and in demand by potential consumers. The company will also benefit through promotion, namely increasing sales numbers because more consumers know the product and are interested in buying it.

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In promoting a product, you can choose to use the type of promotion roughly by the product you have. Sellers or companies can carry out the following types of promotions:

1. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is one of the old promotion methods still used today. This promotion method uses print media, including newspapers, brochures, billboards, and so on, as well as electronic media such as radio and TV.

This method of promotion with traditional marketing can indeed reach a wide area of ​​the market, but the drawback is that the costs used are relatively expensive. For example, showing business advertisements on TV or billboards can reach tens of millions.

2. Digital Marketing

In this digital era, who doesn’t know about social media? Only a few do not know; almost most people now always use social media in their daily lives.

It’s no wonder that almost all businesses use digital marketing as their promotional strategy because this is indeed a good opportunity for business people.

Business people can use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok as promotional media to introduce their products in the digital world.

The advantage of this form of product and service promotion through digital marketing is that it can reach a more specific but broad market. Another advantage of the promotion is that the costs incurred are relatively more affordable than placing advertisements on TV or billboards.

3. Endorsement

Like digital marketing, promotion systems with endorsements also still use social media to promote your business.

But the difference is the type of promotion. The endorsement system utilizes an influencer who is active on social media to promote your products and services through their social media. In short, you buy the services of an influencer to help promote your product.

The advantage of the endorsement system as a promotional tool is that you can reach a wider market through the influencer’s social media followers because usually, they will be more interested in using your product or service. After all, the influencer also uses your product and provides a good product review.


4. Direct Marketing

Direct marketing or direct promotion brings advantages in promoting the business of a company or store due to the use of sales representatives so that the company or store can communicate directly with buyers.

The advantage of the direct marketing system, which is one type of promotion, is that it can provide effectiveness in the form of direct interaction with buyers and persuade them to buy the goods and services offered.

However, the drawback is that you need additional human resources and a special place such as a shop or stand to do direct marketing.

Example of Promotional Strategy is to Increase Sales

Example of Promotional Strategy is to Increase Sales

To survive in today’s increasingly booming business world, make sure you use the right promotional strategy. A promotional strategy is a certain step or tactic taken by a business person in marketing their products or services.

The right strategy can help you reach potential customers wherever they might be interested or need the product to carry out the transactional process.

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In addition, you can also use several strategies to attract customers’ attention, namely by inserting sales promotions such as discounts, cash back, and rewards.

Below are some things that you should learn as a promotional strategy are as follows:

  1. Creating a Custom Website
    A special website makes the promoted business more feasible and looks professional. Marketing through the website will make the business you are involved in known to many people and can also be searched on search engines like Google.
  2. Creating Promotional Videos Through Youtube
    Who doesn’t know about YouTube? Of course, hearing the word YouTube, everyone already knows what this platform is like. Yes, youtube is a platform that contains many videos of various categories. Such as gaming, horror, vlog, and other categories.

    Not only as a medium for creating content, but YouTube can also be the right means to market your business. This is because videos are easier to attract people’s attention than text.

  3. Marketing With Media Meme
    If the business you run targets millennials, the right strategy is a promotion by using memes. This promotional strategy is included in the current strategy and is easy for many people to remember.

    The advantage of memes as a promotional strategy is that products will be easier to spread, considering that there are currently a lot of social media accounts that specifically present memes to their followers.

    Therefore, your business may be spread on their social media meme accounts, so you can get free promotional benefits from them without being asked.

  4. Understanding the target market for the product to be sold
    Before carrying out several promotional strategies, you as a business person need to understand the ins and outs of the product to be promoted, such as which product it will target?

    For example, if the target audience for promoting the product is young people, then marketing via social media that is suitable for you to use is Instagram and Tiktok, which are the most widely used applications today.

  5. Enter the Fellow Business Community
    You certainly can’t be alone in running a business; at least, a business person must need a fellow business person.

    The existence of acquaintances with fellow business people aims to share. You can share about the business you are running, share promotion tips, and even collaborate to create a new business.

  6. Expand Relationships With Media
    Not only expanding relationships with fellow business people, but you can also expand relationships with the media. Media marketing can also be a solution so that the business you run can attract the interest of many consumers.

    Promotion strategy is an important thing that business people must consider some of the strategies above you can do. There is nothing wrong if you are a beginner businessman, diligently and passionately through each process. Your business also has the opportunity to grow and compete with other businesses.

  7. Learning the Use of Multimedia Using Software for Promotional Media
    As a business person, you can learn how to create promotional media using software multimedia. One of the software used is Adobe Flash.

    Utilizing a software to create promotional media is one strategy that you can do as a business person in increasing sales.

Choosing the Right Promotional Media

Choosing the Right Promotional Media

Choosing promotional media is also a strategy that can be done to increase your business sales figures. Promotional media is a means used by business people to support promotional activities and introduce products or services to the public.

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Here are some types of promotional media that you can use as a strategy to increase your business sales.

  1. Types of Online Promotional Media
    You can choose various kinds of online promotional media according to the marketing strategy you want to implement. The following are the types of online promotional media that you can use:

    • Social Media
    • Marketplace
    • Google Ads
    • Online Forums
    • Email Marketing
  2. Types of Offline Promotional Media
    Offline promotion media can be used to reach certain audiences. So, what is included in offline promotional media? Here are the kinds:

    • Brochure
    • Billboards
    • Banner
    • Banners
    • Posters

Promotional Fee Coverage

Promotional Fee Coverage

As stated in the regulation of the Minister of Finance No.02/PMK.03/2010 concerning promotion costs that can be deducted from gross income (PMK 02/2010); promotional costs are sales costs incurred by taxpayers in introducing and recommending the use of a product either directly or indirectly to maintain and increase sales.

The rules also detail what is included in the scope of promotional costs, here are the details:

  1. Advertising costs in electronic media, print media, and/or other media
  2. Product exhibition fee
  3. New product introduction fee
  4. Sponsorship costs associated with product promotion.

The above costs do not include promotional costs that can be charged fiscally, including:

  1. Giving compensation in the form of money and/or facilities, in any name and in any form, to other parties that are not directly related to the implementation of promotional activities
  2. Promotional costs to earn, collect and maintain non-taxable and tax-taxable income are final.

The promotional fee charged to the taxpayer is based on withholding taxes by applicable regulations.

What are the Promotional Benefits?

What are the Promotional Benefits?

There are many advantages of promoting products to develop your business; one of the advantages of promotion is that it can increase sales of goods or services.

Through promotions, consumers know in more detail what products or services you offer, the benefits, how to use them, and what selling price you offer.

By knowing some details about your product, consumers will feel interested; for example, by explaining what the product is used for in your promotion, some consumers will be interested in buying because the product is what they need.

In addition to attracting new customers, the advantage of the promotion is that it can bind old customers to stay loyal to the products or services you offer.

In other words, promotions can maintain the retention and loyalty of loyal customers; the retention rate explains the customer’s desire to stay and continue to do transactions with your business.

So, through promotions, you can ensure customers are satisfied and cared for by you so that in the long term, your customers will come back and come back again to transact with the business that you are trying to do.

Therefore, the more customers, both new and old customers, the number of product sales owned by your company will increase day by day.

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