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Mobile Cashier Android for Distribution

Mobile cashier iREAP POS Pro support provides facilities to make it easier to record sales tasks and jobs that make visits to customers, from recording items brought, recording sales, receiving payments, to items returned from customers.


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Distribution of Goods through Sales Motorists and Canvassing

Canvassing/canvasser is a planned activity carried out by someone (sales) to offer, referring to sales orders for products and services. The salesperson plans a visit for a span of time usually within a month. Making a visit schedule is necessary to make it easier for canvassers to make visits. In Indonesia, motorist sales and canvassing are commonly carried out by FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies, but also many small and medium-sized companies such as bread manufacturers that do canvassing.


Support Different Price List for Customer

The price a list of prices for the goods or services offered by a seller. And the seller/you can create multiple price lists by type of customer. Customers here can be categorized by type such as Reseller, Distributor, Agent. Can also be categorized as membership levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold. With this customer price list, you can differentiate each product price that you make based on the customer category you have. For the case in Indonesia, this customer price list can also be used to record the type of customer originating from Gofood/Grabfood/Shopeefood, which usually has a different price from the one sold to direct customers.

Mobile Cashier Android iREAP POS PRO Support Different Price List for Customer for Distribution Business
Mobile Cashier Android iREAP POS PRO Support Discount Quantity for Distribution Business

Support Discount Quantity

Discount Quantity is a function to provide discounts on products based on the quantity of goods purchased by customers. This method is used so that retailers can encourage customers to buy more, thus increasing their overall income.


Manage Your Invoices & Payments Easily

Mobile cashier iREAP POS Pro integrated with iREAP Invoice. iREAP Invoice helps you create invoices with professional templates and send them directly to your customer's e-mail and messenger with just 1 click! More importantly IREAP Invoice helps you monitor invoices that are due so that you will be able to bill in a timely manner and increase your business cash flow.


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