15 Personal Shopper Shopping Spots in Bangkok


15 Personal Shopper Shopping Spots in Bangkok

The personal shopper business, or consignment service, is a business model where an individual offers services to purchase goods on behalf of others who cannot buy these items directly. This business thrives due to differences in accessibility, product availability, or price disparities between locations. Personal shopper business operators, often referred to as personal shoppers, profit from the price difference of goods or charge a specific service fee to their clients.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is a shopping paradise offering a wide range of products from branded clothing, cosmetics, to antique/unique items at cheap and affordable prices. The city is not only famous for its tourism beauty but also as a promising personal shopper business hub. Here are some places in Bangkok that are the main destinations for personal shopper business operators due to the diversity and uniqueness of the products offered.

Some Places in Bangkok That Are the Main Destinations for Personal Shopper Business

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market One of the largest markets in the world, Chatuchak Weekend Market offers more than 8,000 stalls selling various goods from clothing, handicrafts, to antiques. It is the ideal place for personal shopper business operators looking for unique and traditional Thai products. The incredible diversity of products makes Chatuchak the perfect market to explore various Thai specialty items to offer to customers.

2. Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon Siam Paragon is a luxury shopping center offering various international brands, the latest electronics, and high-end cosmetic products. For personal shopper business operators targeting the middle to upper market segment, Siam Paragon is a destination not to be missed. The shopping center also offers a variety of gourmet food options that can be unique personal shopper items.

3. Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Famous among fashion enthusiasts, Platinum Fashion Mall offers clothing, accessories, and other fashion products at wholesale prices. It is the perfect place for personal shopper business operators to find various current fashion items at competitive prices. The advantage of this mall is that visitors can negotiate prices, especially when buying in bulk.

4. MBK Center (Mahboonkrong)

MBK Center MBK Center is a shopping center popular among tourists and locals. It offers various items from clothing, accessories, gadgets, to souvenirs. MBK Center is known for its affordable prices and is a suitable place for personal shopper business operators looking for bargain items.

5. Asiatique The Riverfront

Asiatique The Riverfront Asiatique combines a night market and mall, offering a unique shopping experience with a stunning view of the Chao Phraya River. This place is suitable for personal shopper business operators looking for handmade products, traditional clothing, and typical Thai souvenirs. The romantic evening atmosphere and various shows make Asiatique also an attractive tourist destination.

6. Terminal 21

Asiatique The Riverfront Each floor at Terminal 21 is designed based on the theme of famous cities around the world like Paris, Tokyo, and San Francisco, offering a unique shopping experience. Personal shopper business operators can find various items from local and international brands. The uniqueness of the themes and designs makes Terminal 21 an interesting place to look for unique items that may be in demand by customers.

7. Central World

Central World Central World is one of the largest shopping centers in Southeast Asia, located in the heart of Bangkok. With eight floors, this shopping center offers a wide selection for visitors, from fashion, gadgets, to culinary. Shops in Central World include famous international brands, local boutiques, and large department stores such as Isetan and Zen. In addition, Central World also provides entertainment areas, including a Cineplex cinema, ice skating rink, and a wide selection of restaurants and cafes offering cuisine from around the world. With its strategic location and comprehensive offerings, Central World is an ideal shopping destination for personal shopper business operators looking for premium items and the latest trends for their customers.

8. Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market Pratunam Market is a shopping paradise for those looking for clothing and fashion accessories at wholesale prices. Located in the center of Bangkok, the market is famous for its stalls selling various types of clothing, from ready-to-wear, dresses, to fashion accessories at very affordable prices. Pratunam Market is a must-visit destination for personal shopper business operators wanting to offer a variety of current fashion choices to their customers without having to spend a lot of capital. The uniqueness of Pratunam lies in its ability to provide products at wholesale prices, both for bulk and individual purchases, making it a very popular place among local and international buyers. In addition, the area around Pratunam is also full of shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts, and electronic items, making it a comprehensive shopping center.

9. EmQuartier

EmQuartier Located in the heart of the Sukhumvit area, Bangkok, EmQuartier is a luxury shopping center that is part of The Em District complex along with The Emporium. With its modern and elegant architectural design, EmQuartier offers a premium shopping experience with more than 400 international and local labels, including high-end fashion boutiques, jewelry, and electronics. Besides a wide retail selection, EmQuartier is also known for its impressive vertical dining space, housing various gourmet restaurants and cafes serving world-class cuisine.

10. Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza Pantip Plaza is known as the largest electronics shopping center in Bangkok, appealing to anyone looking for electronic goods, from computers, laptops, components, to the latest accessories and gadgets. Its strategic location in the city center makes Pantip Plaza a popular destination not just for locals but also for tourists. Personal shopper business operators will find Pantip Plaza a valuable source for obtaining technology products at competitive prices, including hard-to-find items and the latest products not yet available in other markets.


Pantip Plaza ICONSIAM is a luxury shopping center located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, spanning more than 525,000 square meters. The complex is home to various international luxury brands, leading local designers, and features a special zone showcasing Thai products and handicrafts. ICONSIAM is not only famous for its extensive retail offerings but also for the cultural and entertainment experiences it provides, including art galleries, exhibitions, and live shows. Thus, at ICONSIAM, for personal shopper business operators, it presents an opportunity to find unique and luxury products that are hard to find elsewhere, making it the perfect destination to meet the demand for premium items.

12. Sampeng Market

Pantip Plaza Sampeng Market, located in the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown, is a narrow labyrinth filled with stalls and shops selling a wide range of goods at wholesale prices. The market is renowned for offering various items such as textiles, accessories, toys, home decorations, and handicrafts at very affordable prices. Sampeng Market is a paradise for personal shopper business operators looking for cheap goods to resell.

13. King Power Rangnam

Pantip Plaza King Power Rangnam is one of the leading duty-free shopping destinations in Bangkok, offering a wide range of luxury and international products from perfumes, cosmetics, to electronic goods and fashion from famous brands. Located near the city center, King Power Rangnam provides an exclusive shopping experience for both international tourists and locals. Personal shopper business operators will find this an ideal place to purchase luxury goods at more competitive prices, thanks to the tax-free benefits.

14. Talad Rod Fai Night Market

Pantip Plaza Talad Rod Fai, or the Train Night Market, is one of the most unique and interesting night markets in Bangkok. Located in the Srinakarin area, this market is known for its collection of vintage, antique, and unusual collector’s items, ranging from vintage clothing to antique furniture and home decor. For personal shopper business operators, Talad Rod Fai offers the opportunity to find unique and rare items highly sought after by collectors or vintage item enthusiasts.

15. Victory Monument Market

Pantip Plaza Victory Monument Market, located around the large roundabout area of Victory Monument in Bangkok, is a bustling shopping area with small shops and stalls offering a variety of clothing, fashion accessories, and daily necessities at very affordable prices. The market is popular among students and young workers, making it the right place to look for the latest fashion trends at wallet-friendly prices. For personal shopper business operators, Victory Monument Market offers the chance to find trendy items that can attract young customers. Due to its strategic location and accessibility via public transport, this market offers a convenient and efficient shopping experience for personal shopper business operators looking for items to offer to their customers.


In running a personal shopper business, it’s crucial to stay updated on the latest trends and market preferences. Bangkok, with all its diversity and uniqueness, offers great opportunities for personal shopper business operators to find products that meet the needs and tastes of their market. Always ensure to provide the best service and maintain customer trust for the long-term success of your personal shopper business.



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