Brands can go Viral Through Digital Marketing


Brands Can Go Viral With Digital Marketing

The benefits of digital marketing can increase brand awareness, make the brand go viral, so that business products and services are known by netizens who are the target market. How to? Read the following writing by Djoko Kurniawan.

The Role and Benefits of Digital Marketing for Franchise Business

In this modern era, the role and benefits of digital marketing in developing a franchise business are very important. The combination of digital marketing and conventional marketing will be something very powerful.

CEO of DK Consulting Group, Djoko Kurniawan, told, that a brand can be recognized quickly and become viral if the marketing strategy is right on target.

Without the right strategy, of course digital marketing will not have any meaning. “Digital marketing becomes more effective and can work well for a long time, if managed properly,” he said in an official statement received by the editorial team of, Thursday (26/7/2018).

Still according to Djoko Kurniawan, the correct way to apply digital marketing can also increase sales figures. This is because brand awareness will increase rapidly, so that the product or service becomes widely known by netizens who are the target market.

“So in my opinion, a franchise brand must immediately carry out digital marketing techniques so that they can still compete in the midst of very tight competition. If you don’t do it, of course you will be left behind,” he continued.

The media that you can use to carry out digital marketing techniques, such as websites, blogs, and social media. The use of the website must be accompanied by good management so that it always looks new and attractive.

“Currently, if I see, many businesses have websites, but they are not managed properly. The web appearance is not attractive because it is rarely updated. In fact, the appearance of the website is the same as merchandise in conventional stores. So if the appearance of the store never changes, it will be perceived as a store with old and unattractive items. Likewise, websites whose content has never been updated will look old-fashioned and less attractive,” concluded Djoko.

Then, how can business owners master digital marketing techniques? Of course you have to want to learn it. If you also want to learn digital marketing, read the following article: How to Learn Digital Marketing for Beginners.

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Djoko Kurniawan
Djoko Kurniawan
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