How to Learn Digital Marketing for Beginners


How to Learn Digital Marketing for Beginners

The first step to becoming digital marketing can be to determine the goals and target market you want to reach, identify market needs, build a website, create attractive copywriting, learn the basics of SEO and SEM, and others. Come on, read how to learn digital marketing for beginners in this article.

Important Reasons You Need to Start Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been proven to be able to help businesses carry out promotions and marketing in a more effective way. Moreover, in its application, there are many advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing.

To make your intention to study digital marketing stronger, here are some reasons why businesses need to implement a digital marketing strategy:

  • Digital marketing can reach customers widely because it is not limited by distance. As long as someone is still connected to the internet, they can be exposed to your product content.
  • Can be combined with advertisements that can be adjusted as needed. For example, you can target those who live in certain areas, based on age, occupation, and gender segmentation.
  • Advertisement budget can be adjusted according to needs.
  • The results are more measurable because you can take advantage of many digital marketing tools that can support the success of the digital campaigns that you create. You can later use these results to make accurate decisions to develop your business, not just based on assumptions.
  • By implementing digital marketing, you can carry out promotions and even buying and selling transactions without having to meet face to face with consumers.

7 Ways to Learn Digital Marketing for Beginners

1. Define Goals and Target Markets

The first step to becoming digital marketing, you need to have clear goals and be able to determine the right target market. With clear goals, your strategy will be more focused and in line with consumer needs.

Meanwhile, to determine the target market, the main focus is how your business product is able to meet consumer needs and become a solution to solve the problems they face. This is related to the customer journey.

In the customer journey map, later you can see the stages that customers go through until they can become loyal customers.

Some of them, consumers begin to be exposed to products through promotions and advertisements that you do, then consumers decide to buy and try the products that you offer.

If they like the benefits of the product, they will start making repeat purchases and eventually want to recommend your business product or service to others.

If you want to know more about the customer journey, you can learn about it from this article: Customer Journey: Definition and Reasons Businesses Need to Understand Customer Journey.

Identify Market Needs

2. Identify Market Needs

Knowing who the target market is and the purpose of doing business is not enough to make a business grow. You still need to proceed to the next step, which is identification. What do consumers really need most from a business product or service?

There are several ways you can do to identify market needs, for example conducting market research directly by distributing questionnaires or survey forms. You can also join the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) or explore Twitter Space.

Make sure that in the process, you can get pain points from the target market, so that later you can offer your business products and services as a solution.

3. Building Websites

To be able to implement a digital marketing strategy, you need to build a website that represents your business. The website is important for those who are struggling in the online world even though they already have social media accounts.

Why is having a website so important? The reason is, the website can be likened to your own “shop”, where you have full access and control to fill it with various things. For example displaying product catalogs, information about benefits and product specifications, and so on.

4. Make Attractive Copywriting

The application of copywriting is a crucial part of the process of creating content on websites and expressive and persuasive advertising materials. Remember, the majority of people do not like dealing with sellers who are too provocative or “pushy”.

Consumers prefer to buy something based on impulse, because they are intrigued, or because of the benefits offered by a product. In fact, they are more than happy to enjoy your content because the content is related to their condition.

Therefore, if you want to learn digital marketing, like it or not, you also need to master copywriting techniques to create various content needed in implementing digital marketing strategies.

5. Learn the Basics of SEO and SEM

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is useful for website optimization, so that your business website has the potential to rank on Google search pages. The benefit is, so that when consumers are searching for information or products on search engines, it is your website that they will find.

Whereas SEM or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the practice of using paid advertisements on search engines, such as Google or Bing, to promote websites or products.

So when consumers type certain keywords in a search engine, the potential for them to find your business site on the search engine results page (SERP) is greater when you use a SEM strategy. That said, SEM is a powerful way to increase business visibility online.

The difference between the two, SEO focuses on reaching consumers in an organic way, while SEM is advertising that requires a certain nominal budget or fee that you have to pay.

Utilizing Social Media Marketing

6. Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Learning digital marketing also requires you to be able to use social media marketing in the right way.

There are many ways that you can use in implementing social media marketing, for example placing ads on Instagram, using Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Tiktok ads, and so on. The goal, of course, is to bring your business closer to consumers, introduce products to targets, as well as a medium for establishing good relationships with consumers.

Don’t forget, the use of social media can also expand brand awareness or brand awareness, considering that currently netizens like to share their experiences in using a product on social media.

7. Evaluation and Measuring Digital Marketing Performance

Finally, studying digital marketing also needs to be supported by the ability to analyze, evaluate, and measure the performance of digital marketing that has been done.

This aims to ensure that the steps you apply are correct, both in comparison between budget and benefits and other considerations.

There are several analytical tools that can be used. For example, on a website, you must install Google Analytics to evaluate web performance and take the next steps according to the cases that occur.

After understanding how to learn digital marketing for beginners and can also apply it. All you have to do is adjust it to the business that is currently being run. If you just want to start a business and need ideas or business opportunities, you can continue reading the following articles about business opportunities: 10+ Promising and Easy Small Capital Business Opportunities.



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