How to Make a Food Stall Business so Profitable

profitable restaurant business

Food stalls are a type of business that still promises profits. This is how the food stall business makes a lot of profit. Come on, read the article.

What’s the difference between Warung and Tavern?

Warung and tavern have the same meaning, namely a place to sell food and drinks. However, the mention is different because the way of serving food is also different.

The food in the food stalls is arranged in a window and visitors just have to say what they want to eat with which side dish.

While at the diner, the food menu is written in the menu list and the customer just has to choose a food menu from the available list.


What is the difference between a restaurant and a food stall?

If stalls and taverns still have similarities, the case is different with restaurants. So, the difference between a restaurant and a food stall can be seen clearly in the concept and interior design of the room, which has a more luxurious impression, and has a structured management procedure.

Even though it looks different, the management of food stalls should also have a good system so that they can grow to be bigger, especially in the transaction recording section.

For more details, continue reading how to start a food stall business and get lots of benefits below.

how to start a restaurant business

Easy Ways to Start a Restaurant Business

Taste is indeed the main determinant of the success of the food stall culinary business. At the same time, there are many other important aspects that you shouldn’t forget.

So, if you are interested in starting a food stall business and getting a lot of profit, consider the following methods:

1. Determine the type of food sold

First, determine the type of food you want to sell in your food stall. Is it home cooking, Padang food, chicken pecel, warteg, Middle Eastern food, or Chinese food?

If you have determined the types of food and drinks you want to sell from the start, your business will be more focused, and it will be easier for you to manage food ingredients, create menus, and maintain customer loyalty.

There are quite a number of buyers who will come repeatedly and buy food at the food stalls because of the availability of various food menu choices, you know.

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2. Do Market Research

Next, do market research to find out customer needs or preferences for certain culinary types. Make sure you get a lot of important information related to the simple food stall business you are about to undertake.

Making observations before starting a business certainly has many benefits. For example, you can start and determine the right business strategy, being able to see opportunities more closely. And no less important, knowing what competitors have and don’t have.

Conveniently, you will probably find many similar menus at several food stalls that you stop by. This research can be input for your culinary business, namely by serving many other food menus that are rarely found in food stalls in general.

3. Define Target

Don’t forget, also consider who your target is for this food stall business. Are your targets students, office workers, construction workers, or people in the surrounding environment. Later, this can be input for you when creating menus and setting prices.

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4. Determine Location of Food Stalls

Knowing who your target business is also makes it easier for you to determine the location of your business. The right place will certainly bring multiple benefits. However, pay attention to several other important aspects, namely access, parking space, and environmental conditions.

The strategic location of food stalls and not too far from the center of the crowd will certainly be more crowded with customers.

This is because customers will find it easier to find your food stall if the location is easy to reach. So, no need to waste a lot of time searching.

Not only that, pay attention to the access used to get to the location. Is it easy to reach by potential customers or just the opposite.

Areas around campuses, schools or office buildings are three locations that you can consider.

5. Business Capital

Business capital is one of the considerations for business people when they want to start a business, regardless of the form of business. This is reasonable, because capital is a determinant of business continuity in the early stages.

Insufficient capital will make the business lose money, especially if the strategy you take is not right.

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So, do the calculations as well and as detailed as possible. Enter whatever you need, no matter how small the item or need is if you have to spend money to get it.

In addition, make proper calculations regarding Cost of Goods Sold and product selling prices. You can learn about it in the following articles:

By calculating good capital, as well as calculating the COGS and selling price, you will know the amount of budget needed for business operations, how much income, and how much profit you can get later.

6. Selecting Raw Materials

Talking about the quality of food must never be separated from the raw materials used. Well, this factor is also important to note.

Quality raw materials will certainly produce quality food as well. Especially if you are right in measuring the seasoning. Regarding taste, there is definitely no need to doubt it.

Then, how to find it? Of course, you have to do your research.

Look for a lot of information about quality ingredients related to the menu at your food stall. Then, find the right supplier and work together to support your business.

When considering raw materials, it is not only a matter of quality, but also availability. Consider, do you need to keep stock daily, weekly, or monthly? This is important because it relates to operational costs and stock management.

7. Determine Marketing Strategy

Last and not least is the marketing strategy. This aspect also determines whether your business will progress and develop rapidly or will only run in place.

The marketing strategy is definitely done to attract customer interest, so the method must be right.

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Promoting through social media or online is definitely the best choice in the midst of rapid technological developments.

Information will circulate quickly, so you don’t need a lot of money just to do a promotion. In addition, the promotional costs incurred are much more efficient and cheap compared to traditional promotions.

To attract the attention of customers and make them happy to buy food and drinks at your food stall, occasionally offer attractive offers. For example, promotions in the form of discounted prices for certain menus, providing lower prices for combined menus, or giving free drinks on weekends.

These various promotional strategies can help customers come to your food stall.

Simplify Business Management Affairs with the iReap POS Application

Management and monitoring of the operational activities of a food stall business is often one of the complaints of business owners. Given that there are many things that must be recorded and recorded properly. From this data, you can later analyze and evaluate overall business development.

So, to facilitate the process of managing and monitoring business activities, you can use the iReap POS application. With this application, it will be easier for you to monitor business operational activities. Starting from managing and using capital, purchasing raw materials, managing inventory, food and beverage recipes, even financial transactions

At the same time, this online cashier application will make it easier for you to check goods, monitor branches, and see firsthand the performance of employees in various stores.

Who knows, with good management, your small food stall business will eventually develop into a bustling restaurant. To prepare to become a restaurant businessman, let’s also read the following article: 7 Tips for Restaurants to be Crowded with Visitors.



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