Find Out More About Desk Collection


Find Out More About Desk Collection

The role of desk collection is critical in every business, particularly those involved in credit or financing. Desk collection is distinct from debt collection, despite the fact that both serve the same purpose: to collect.

So, what exactly is desk collection? The desk collector is the individual who collects the customer over the phone rather than meeting or visiting them in person. This is obviously not the case with debt collectors, who must visit or meet with customers.

Desk Collection Is The Person Who Needs This Important Skill!

Desk Collection Is The Person Who Needs This Skill

As previously said, one of the desk collection’s responsibilities is to collect bills from consumers over the phone. As a result, personnel in these professions must possess the following abilities.

1. Desk Collection is a Job That Requires Negotiation Skills

Customers must be able to bargain with one of the job desk collection banks or other financial organizations. This is critical when dealing with consumers who are late paying their bills for any reason.

It is assumed that the bargaining process between the desk collecting employees and the customer would result in the optimum solution for all parties. Desk collection must work hard to get clients to pay in installments or even pay off their obligations.

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2. Communication Skills Required

The communication abilities of a deskcoll, as the front line of a finance organization, will determine the level of success in billing. This is significant because the desk collecting operation is performed over the phone.

When speaking on the phone, Deskcoll must have excellent pronounciation and articulation abilities. This is done to avoid customer misconceptions or a lack of clarity on acceptance.


3. Capable of doing multiple tasks at once (multitasking)

A desk collecting job is a set of jobs that need the ability to multitask. A deskcoll does more than just call clients to bill them.

A deskcoll must record any talks or information supplied by the customer while making the phone call. As a result, a desk collection must be capable of multitasking.

4. Oriented to the Target

Typically, desk collection employees will work with specific achievement goals in mind. As a result, persons who are not used to working with targets will struggle in a deskcoll employment.

This aim is frequently linked to the employee’s remuneration from desk collection. For example, if the work of the home credit collection desk is able to exceed the predetermined billing objective, you are entitled to a commission.

There are numerous technologies and tools available today that can assist in meeting the goal. SAP Business One Indonesia and ERP Software for Business from the Sterling Team are two of these systems and applications.

If deskcolll employees receives information technology support, their productivity, successes, and company worth will grow. The Sterling Team works with SAP Indonesia to implement the system.

5. Be Polite and Patient While Remaining Firm

This mindset and aptitude are required of Deskcoll. When dealing with consumers of varied personalities, courtesy and patience must always be maintained. A deskcoll, on the other hand, must be able to be forceful.

Customers who have been late on payments multiple times can feel irritable when they receive a call from a deskcoll. As a result, a collection desk must be kind and patient while remaining tough.

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These are the Desk Collection Staff’s Duties and Responsibilities

These are the Desk Collection Staff's Duties and Responsibilities

Job desk desk collection is concerned with informing clients about their obligations. However, you must be fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of a desk collection.

1. Verifying Customer Data

Deskcoll’s job and responsibility is to check customer data relating to orders when making payments. Prior to billing, the collection desk employees must have reliable data on customer payments.

The deskcoll admin will determine who is late on payments by reviewing client data. Officers are also required to review data to determine the amount of arrears owed to creditors.

You don’t have to manually check consumer data. In addition to taking more time, the level of accuracy is lower than when using the system. will help you by providing a mechanism for tracking consumer data. Of course, this will speed up and improve the desk collecting staff’s performance and productivity.

2. Following up with Customers

Deskcoll is required to follow up on clients who have not made payments or are even in arrears after obtaining data on them. The officer communicated this via messaging platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, or via phone.

In addition to contacting customers who are past due on payments, follow-up is essential for customers who are nearing maturity. This is to remind consumers to make payments as soon as possible.

3. Developing Bills and Warnings

The collection desk’s roles and responsibilities include creating bills for customers who do not make payments despite being alerted. The letter, however, was delivered to the field collector rather than the consumer.

Customers will receive invoices and warnings straight from this field collector. In contrast to the collection desk, which collects via phone or other means, their function is to perform the billing directly.

4. Create a Daily Report

Daily reports must be sent by the collection desk staff to the head and desk collection coordinator. Among other things, the report outlines what happened when following up with clients and was used as evaluation material.

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Use This Approach When Contacting Customers

Use This Approach When Contacting Customers

When calling consumers to follow up on payments, the collection desk staff must be friendly and polite. When reaching customers, you can use a combination of these strategies.

1. Complete Data Preparation

The first step in contacting creditors is to gather the necessary supporting documentation. You must create accurate files so that you do not become confused while communicating them to consumers.

2. Request News

Although impressed with small talk, this topic can melt the phone conversation. After you’ve shared the news for a bit, you can explain the main reason for the phone call.

3. Inquire nicely whether the invoice has been received

Many businesses now send letters electronically, so deskcoll must ensure that creditors have received and read them. Typically, the letter is sent one week before the due date.

Sending letters to consumers to remind them of a due date is now simple thanks to software or programs. Aside from being convenient and quick, this is also vital to avoid forgetting or missing consumers.

If you are having difficulty sending a due notification letter or even an invoice, you may now quickly contact our main site. We will put in place a mechanism that will make it easier for you to remind customers.

4. Remind the customer of the bill’s due date

Customers who are not purposefully missing from paying bills may do so if they forget the due date. As a result, desk collection plays a significant function in reminding customers.

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iREAP POS Corporate Finance Application

Desk collection is critical to the successful collection of consumer payments. As a result, system support, apps, and software will significantly improve performance and productivity. But don’t worry, we’ll handle it. You can also use the iREAP POS program to help you deal with company finances later on.



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