We have heard the word disruptive innovation many times, and I think you must have known it. In this article, I want to discuss Disruptive Marketing, which is also happening right now.

Disruptive Marketing can be interpreted as an innovation in marketing programs that can influence the market and its nature to replace the previously existing ‘old marketing’ way.

Disruptive Marketing Trends you need to know

In this article, I try to explain some of the disruptive marketing trends you need to know so that they are not outdated and make you think about doing something positive so your brand can still grow and develop in this modern era.

Mobile Technology is Increasingly Influence

Millions of people in the world can not be separated from their smartphones. This also means that mobile technology is starting to have a tremendous role in helping a brand’s marketing program.

It can even be said; that if a brand is not currently known in the online world, its life span will not be long anymore. I observed many brands that suddenly became popular because they were advertised online.

I remember one culinary product was not very popular in a city, but almost all out-of-towners who visited the town always bought the product. After all, it was considered famous because it was always discussed in online forums.

Content Becomes Very Important

In an all-digital world and communication is getting easier, business people are expected to take content (website content) seriously. Cash on a website is significant and must constantly be updated so that it is attractive to readers.

Content must be kept alive to be able to drive the sales process. All content in the form of writing, images, audio, and video must be attractive and easy to digest by the target market.

Brands that stick to the heart

A brand that is strong and liked by customers will automatically spread online, and this will make a brand bigger because it is talked about a lot by customers on social media and online forums.

Marketing costs will be reduced because the market is talking about it, and customers are willing to share information about the goodness of a brand.

Focus On Generation Z

If you want to be successful and stay afloat in the long term, then brands must focus on thinking about the desires of Generation Z because they are the ones who will replace the millennial generation.

So the understanding of the behavior of generation Z must be captured correctly by business people to create products/services that are right for that generation.

Provide Personalized Service

Digital era customers want to be noticed personally or served uniquely. They all want to be privileged. For this reason, business people must be observant when communicating with them.

Mentioning names is very important for every email sent, especially if they have been customers for a long time. Understanding customer expectations makes them feel closer and increases trust in a product/service.

The role of Service Excellence is undoubtedly able to form a loyal customer group that a brand will need.

Dear readers, here are five trends in the world of marketing that you should pay attention to. Focus on the five things mentioned above in every marketing activity you do.

For franchise businesses, start to focus on dealing with the changes and do the right strategy so that the company can continue to exist and grow as expected.

Do something immediately after you read this article.


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