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Care or care for customers is not easy even though you and the service team know that it is the customers who make your company alive and have made a profit. As a customer, I am often served by front-liners who don’t care.

Many things I encountered in the field when I became a customer, among others, called the word “you” even though they already knew my name, didn’t care when I was tired and still asking for some data when checking in at a hotel. The meal order took a long time, and it turned out that the order had not yet entered the kitchen because of the waiter’s mistake, and many other incidents made me not want to come again.

Show Customers That You Care

In this article, I will discuss some examples of actions that customers will perceive that you care about them.

Understanding Loyal Customer Desire

When you have customers who have come many times and have special requests, you must not forget and fulfill their wishes without them asking again.

This method will make the customer feel honored and have a positive perception.

For example, customers want to be provided with a special drink every time they come to your restaurant; when you give it, they will feel you care.

Do Simple Things That Help Customers

One day I checked in at Hotel Santika Premiere Surabaya at 00:45 WIB, and at that time, the front liner was ready to serve and greet me in a friendly manner.

The front liner only asked for my name and immediately asked me to give my initials on a piece of paper without asking for my identity. I’m pretty sure he knew I was tired from getting to the hotel early in the morning.

This simple incident makes me happy because other hotels often still apply long-winded procedures even though they know the customer is tired and must rest immediately.

Say the Sentences That Touch the Customer’s Heart

I am reminded of a fascinating story about a customer who was shopping at Zappos for a few pairs of shoes for her mother, who had leg problems.

He bought six pairs of shoes, and it turned out that there were only two that fit his mother. The other four pairs of shoes were returned to Zappos.

Amazingly, the Zappos employee who handles the customer replied that he understood your mother’s condition and said a beautiful sentence, “I pray that your mother gets well soon and recovers soon.”

When the sentence is spoken, the customer’s heart is touched and will tell the extraordinary incident to many people and automatically become a loyal customer.

Sharing Knowledge and Experience

Customers are pleased when you share your knowledge and experience with them. Customers will interpret this as a form of your attention and care.

So try to gather your knowledge and experience to start sharing with customers in an educational context. Of course, I shared things related to your business to strengthen your position in the market.

Giving Rewards/Gifts to Customers

You are often busy running business operations but forget to pay attention to customers. Let’s start paying attention to customers by giving rewards/gifts, so they feel more cared for and loved. In providing tips/gifts, each customer must pay attention to the contribution each customer to the company.

Loyal readers of the website, if you consistently practice the five things above over a long period, your business will be increasingly liked by customers and will slowly record many beautiful stories that can influence other potential customers.


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