Examples of Famous Brand Marketing Strategies


Examples of Famous Brand Marketing Strategies

There are many examples of successful marketing strategies, but you must adjust to the business situation itself as a businessman. In some cases, another company’s business strategy may not necessarily suit your business. Therefore, one of the following marketing strategies can provide ideas for business development in a better direction.

What is a Product Marketing Strategy?

In general, a marketing strategy is a detailed plan that contains how to market a product or service offered by a company. This marketing strategy can determine a product or service that is sold on target in one particular market.

Examples of Marketing Strategies in the Field

There are many things a business can do to steal people’s attention globally as consumers. Usually, this strategy is created by optimizing product excellence to survive amid competition.

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The following is an example of marketing from optimizing products for famous brands that can be a source of inspiration.

1. Care for Trends – IKEA

IKEA is a Swedish retail company that offers furniture products explicitly for modern and minimalist homes. In Indonesia, IKEA already has many consistent customers. However, to increase customer loyalty, IKEA uses a marketing strategy by creating the IKEA Place Augmented Reality application. Through this application, users can consider what kind of furniture fits their home’s size and interior design.

Such a marketing strategy has, in turn, increased IKEA’s visibility among social media users, as there are more than 300 thousand Pinterest platform users who have shared photos of IKEA products and inspired other users to take part in using IKEA furniture. On Instagram, IKEA also has several followers of 1.6 million, with thousands of engagements on each post.

To produce suitable marketing content and on target, IKEA is, of course, obliged to know the popularity of interior design, which most people in the world are currently favouring. Even though it is only visual content in the form of photos of tables, benches and cabinets, such posts seem to invite anyone who watches them want to have a home atmosphere or interior design as shown in the pictures.

2. Popularity With Zoom-Zoom Magazine – Mazda

As a company that manufactures expensive and luxurious four-wheeled vehicles, Mazda was initially only known by certain people. However, to survive the competition for low-priced four-wheeled cars in the market, Mazda created an inspiring marketing strategy by publishing Zoom-Zoom Magazine. This automotive magazine is modern and minimalist with exciting content, including the behind-the-scenes story of Mazda’s four-wheeled vehicle trial room.

Mazda’s digital version of the magazine aims to build and popularize Mazda. For this reason, a column is also provided for readers to share their adventures with Mazda about travelling. Users can also tag such adventure stories on social media by adding the #ZoomZoomMag tag.

Of course, Zoom-Zoom magazine does not immediately invite readers to open a product catalogue page. However, for readers who have found exciting testimonials they may ask for a quote, learn about the features of Mazda four-wheeled vehicles and visit the nearest dealer. Therefore, observe the selection of content that will be applied as a marketing strategy to run more precisely and efficiently.

3. SEO Based Marketing Strategy – Generali Group

Who says insurance companies only need a conventional marketing strategy through agents spread all over the world? Generali Group, an insurance company based in Italy, illustrates that to maintain a company amid increasingly fierce insurance competition, you certainly should be easily accessible to all levels of society by taking advantage of the existence of cyberspace.

Taking advantage of the existence of the Generali Group website, it strives to be present with engaging written content about life, health, four-wheeled vehicles and home insurance. That will unconsciously lead website visitors to the benefits obtained through the Generali Group insurance product. Examples of such marketing strategies will help your web page or company rank well on search engines, such as Google.

Those were some examples of inspirational marketing strategies that world-famous brands have successfully carried out. For a consistent business flow to run smoothly, try to start thinking about what kind of marketing strategy is right for your business. Of course, the marketing concept that was created should show the advantages of business products compared to other brands.



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