11 Types of QRIS in Indonesia

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11 Types of QRIS in Indonesia

What is QRIS for? Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or QRIS is a payment method using a QR code to make the process easier, faster and safer.

As a business owner who wants to streamline the business transaction process, you should consider using QRIS, which is integrated with your cashier application. But before that, get to know the types of QRIS in Indonesia.

11 Types of QRIS that you can find in Indonesia

1. Static QRIS

Static QRIS is a QRIS that uses a fixed and the same QR Code for each transaction. The QR code will usually appear on the receipt or the EDC screen, and customers only need to scan the code when paying for transactions.

Static QRIS is suitable for MSME, UKM, and other small business actors because it is easy to use and the cost is also cheap.

2. Dynamic QRIS

Dynamic QRIS is a QRIS that uses a different QR code for each transaction. This means that when a transaction occurs, the QR code for one customer and another will differ, and the cashier or merchant can only see the code.

Since the QR code keeps changing for every transaction, the code is not displayed on the receipt. Large companies with many business branches mainly use this type of QRIS.

3. Centralized QRIS

Centralized QRIS is widely used by large companies, with many branches spread throughout Indonesia.

However, unlike dynamic QRIS, the QR code for this type of QRIS is fixed or the same for all transactions. In addition, payment information related to transactions is stored on a centralized server...

QRIS Multiple Payment

4. QRIS Multiple Payment

QRIS multiple payments is a QRIS that can be used for payments using several types of payment applications, such as Gopay, OVO, and DANA.

If your business wants to provide various payment options for customers, then this type of QRIS is for you.

5. QRIS Cross Payment

QRIS cross payment is a QRIS that can be used for payments using foreign payment applications, such as WeChat and Alipay. QRIS is very suitable for merchants who wish to facilitate payments from foreign tourists visiting Indonesia.

6. QRIS Digital Wallet

QRIS digital wallet is a type of QRIS that combines QRIS and a digital wallet, allowing users to make non-cash transactions quickly and easily. QRIS digital wallet can be accessed through an application that has been integrated with QRIS.

7. QRIS Payment Gateway

QRIS payment gateway is a type of QRIS that allows users to make transactions online through a website or application. Generally, this type of QRIS payment gateway is used by online or e-commerce merchants.

8. QRIS Bank

QRIS Bank is a type of QRIS used by central banks in Indonesia. You can have this type of QRIS through mobile banking or Internet banking application. For example, QRIS is available on the blu by BCA Digital application, QRIS mobile banking Mandiri, and others.

QRIS Retail

9. QRIS Retail

QRIS retail is a QRIS that retail stores widely use. The payment process using this type of QRIS is faster because it is integrated with cashier systems and applications used by retail stores.

10. QRIS Government Institution

Government agencies generally use QRIS government agencies to receive regional tax and retribution payments.

11. QRIS Fintech

QRIS fintech is a type of QRIS used by fintech companies or financial startups. Its use is almost the same as other types of QRIS, namely to make non-cash payments more easily, quickly and safely through fintech applications integrated with QRIS.

Of the many types of QRIS available, you need to choose the kind of QRIS that suits your business needs. There are many advantages that you will get from using QRIS. Check here: Advantages of Using QRIS for Business.



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