3 Tips for Retail Business ?


Based on my experience visiting 1500 micro and small businessmen in Indonesia, only 5% understand how to manage a business and many feel that they are already great

Here are 3 (three) problems that always arise and tips on how to deal with these problems.

Problem 1 – Unable to Manage Human Resources

  • Diligent and lazy employees are treated the same.
  • Does not have a training module and hopes that employees will automatically understand what to do.
  • It is difficult to find new employees, especially those who meet the criteria for business owners.

Tips 1

  1. Create an employee job appraisal system, with a measurable job appraisal, diligent and lazy employees will be seen. Thus, the hope is that it will encourage all employees to excel.
    An example in assessing the work of a cashier, for example, whether cash and other proof of payment everyday match with the records on the cash register.
  2. Create a curriculum for training employees in order to achieve the standards you want. For example, before an employee manages the shop, he/she must receive training in “How to Serve Customers” and “Selling Techniques”.
  3. Interesting job advertisements.
    Interesting job advertisements. - 3 Tips for Retail Business

Problem 2 – Don’t Understand Marketing

  • Only understand the old ways of marketing is handing out brochures and placing banners.
  • Do not understand online marketing such as Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business

Tips 2

  1. Use creative ways to put up banners or branding. The following example is a tire patch shop in Indonesia that creatively promotes a tire patch business, but uses a technique that makes it easy for anyone to remember. It mentions that the shop open from 7 a.m. until as strong as possible.
    Use creative ways to put up banners or branding - 3 Tips Jitu Bisnis Ritel
  2. Must start marketing through digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business and others, whether through free social media or trying to advertise.

Problem 3 – Do not have neat and correct records of sales and stock

there are still many micro and small business entrepreneurs, especially those who do not even record their sales transactions, let alone the position of their inventory / stock. There are also some who have used manual note-taking, but will find it difficult to get reports quickly.

Tips 3

start immediately using POS (Point of Sale) or cashier application to help record every transaction, so that analysis can be done quickly with the help of this application. By recording every sales transaction accurately, you can analyze your current stock position, what items are selling best, what items have not been sold for a long time. Thus it can improve the performance of your store.

Don’t wait for your business to become big to use record keeping with the POS cashier application, the earlier you start, the more neat and easy to managed your store is. Currently, there are many cashier applications that can be used via mobile phone devices, and cashier applications that are available free of charge, such as IREAP POS Lite, which was created to help small and micro retail businesses. Therefore, you should record all store transactions neatly on the first day you open a retail store.

Cashier Application iREAP POS


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