Types and Examples of Social Media Marketing


Types and Examples of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that utilizes social media for business promotion. What are the types of social media marketing? Read a full explanation of the types and examples of social media marketing in this article.

Types and Examples of Application of Social Media Marketing

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the social media marketing platforms that has many users from various ages and backgrounds. The average FB user is a user who has just started playing social media with various purposes, such as adding friends/relations, seeking information, communication media, to conducting transactions or doing business.

The advantage of Facebook for implementing social media marketing is because of the insight, so you can evaluate every content that has been uploaded. In addition, Facebook also has several supporting features for businesses, such as a marketplace feature with millions of users, a fanpage feature, and a group feature, all of which can help you promote more effectively.

To implement social media marketing on Facebook, you can create interesting content accompanied by visual displays in the form of photos or videos, communicate with customers, use paid advertising, and others.

Types of Social Media Marketing Instagram

2. Instagram

According to the Katadata website, Instagram users in Indonesia in July 2021 reached 91 million. This makes Instagram the most promising social media for doing digital marketing. Moreover, the features on Instagram are also capable of implementing social media marketing strategies, such as the story, reels, IGTV features, and also have complete insight features for content evaluation and analysis.

How to use Instagram for promotion and sales on Instagram, you need to create content (can be photos, videos, infographics, even animations). Then, add interesting captions or promotional words, use trending hashtags, and don’t forget to publish content regularly. Every now and then, you can also take advantage of Instagram ads to optimize content and reach a wider audience.

3. TikTok

The social media that has gone viral and has been on the rise since 2020 is TikTok. Although initially TikTok was known as a social media for dancing, but actually this social media can also be used for business promotion on TikTok and selling on TikTok.

Implementing a digital marketing strategy on TikTok allows you to reach the youth market, even if your content can be seen by anyone without having a TikTok account. This means that the range of promotions that you do will be wider. Some features on TikTok that support business, such as trending topics, challenges, TikTok ads, can also be directly sold on TikTok by clicking the yellow basket.

How to get content to enter FYP TikTok, create creative and interesting content, such as video tutorials, how to, unboxing, and so on. You can make videos directly on TikTok because there are various supporting tools available for video editing.

Types of Social Media Marketing Twitter

4. Twitter

To do digital marketing on Twitter, you must be able to make copywriting that is to the point because the content on Twitter is limited to only 280 characters. Another way to get around the limited number of characters for tweets, you can create a thread or serialize it.

This platform is more suitable for sharing the latest information, questions, updates, and opinions. Tips for doing promotions and marketing on Twitter, you can also take advantage of the tweetdeck, get trending topics on Twitter, use Twitter ads, and so on.

5. LinkedIn

So far, LinkedIn is better known as a platform for finding work or exchanging job opportunity information between professionals. But over time, LinkedIn can also be used as a promotional medium with a more targeted audience. So, if you want to reach the professional and business market, you can apply social media marketing on LinkedIn.

Now, after knowing the types and examples of social media marketing that can be applied to various social media, don’t forget to also apply Product Promotion Tips on Social Media.


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