7 Goals of Social Media Marketing to Increase Sales


Social Media Marketing Goals to Increase Sales

Social media marketing or marketing on social media is one of the business strategies that can increase sales. So, what is meant by social media marketing? What is the purpose of social media marketing? Come on, read here.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media to promote and market products and services. Commonly used social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Some of the activities in social media marketing include:

  • Create and upload content regularly on social media to spread information and build brand awareness.
  • Build customer engagement and engage customers in product and brand-related discussions.
  • Building brand loyalty by providing information, answering questions, and resolving complaints.

Then, what is the purpose of all your social media activities for your business? Continue reading, yes.

What is the Purpose of Social Media Marketing?

What is the Purpose of Social Media Marketing?

1. Building Good Relationships with Customers

The main goal of business people need to do social media marketing is to build good relationships with customers. You, as a businessman, can interact directly with customers, know customer needs, and immediately know customer responses to your business products and services. A good relationship with customers can increase customer loyalty, which then has an impact on increasing sales.

2. Brand Building

Intense interaction with active conversations (between customers or between you as a brand owner and customers) about your brand, business services, and products on social media can be a strategy to increase brand awareness (brand awareness), brand recognition (brand recognition) and recall (brand awareness). Recall the existence of the brand) and brand image (brand image), as well as to create brand loyalty (brand loyalty).

3. Publication Media

Social media is a place to share various information about products, available business services, promotions, and discounts; you can even share tips and other supporting information that can be a solution for customers.

4. Promotional Media

You can use social media to promote attractive discounts, new products, how-to products, and so on. In addition to making customers feel valued, this method can also encourage customers to make purchases, especially for limited discount programs or special discounts.

5. Facilitate Market Research

Applying social media marketing can also make it easier for businesses to study customer behavior, find their wants and needs, and learn the promotional strategies used by competitors.

Social Media Marketing Helps Market Research

6. Make Customers Remember Your Brand and Products

Activities on social media by regularly uploading up-to-date content will make customers remember your brand and products. They recognize your product well by looking at images, colors, logos, taglines, or product samples. When they need a product, they may immediately remember your product.

7. Increase User Engagement

The more active customers interact on your social media, the higher the number of user engagement you will get. Customers who are already well connected with your business products and services will remember your product well. This, of course, can encourage sales.

After knowing social media marketing and its goals, now is the time for you to apply social media marketing to your business so that sales increase. Directly, to facilitate the process of recording sales transactions, don’t forget to use the cashier application. Read also the benefits of using a cashier application for business.


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