7 Types of Product Photos for Social Media


Types of Product Photos for Social Media

What is a product photo? Product photos are pictures of a product based on its original form to be displayed to consumers to attract attention. Usually, product photos become the essential promotional materials, especially when implementing social media marketing. So that the product photos you make look eye-catching and attractive, identify the following types of product photos for social media.

Types of Product Photos for Promotion on Social Media

1. Product Photos for All Fashion Items

Suppose your business’s product is a fashion product, such as clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, or other appearance-supporting accessories. In that case, it’s a good idea to take product photos along with the models using the products.

The reason is that the appearance of your fashion products looks more accurate, more alive, and gives a clear picture to consumers of what they look like when using your products. In addition, create a unique and up-to-date concept supported by an appropriate photo-taking location, so photos of your fashion products can encourage consumers to purchase immediately.

Fashion Product Photos

2. Ghost Mannequin

In addition to using live models, you can also take product photos for clothing or other fashion products using mannequin objects. Although not as good as using human models, pictures of ghost mannequin products are much more cost-effective to manufacture, and the results are still good, as long as a good editing process supports them. At a minimum, consumers can see your product clearly when used only from product photos that you post on social media.

3. Detailed Shots

For products with unique details that can attract consumers to own the product, then use the technique of taking detailed shots of the product. The trick is to take a close-up object so that the texture and details of the product can be seen clearly.

Even better if you use a plain background suitable for various products. With a simple experience, the consumers will focus entirely on the product you are promoting. Choose an appropriate background color, for example, white or other light colors.


4. 360 Product Photography

This type of photo 360 product photography is usually used for property products, interior design services, or other types of businesses with products that show the aesthetics of a room or building. In the process, you must take pictures several times for each corner of the room/building you want to display. Then, all the photos are edited and combined into one. As a result, consumers can see the product from various sides.

5. Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots are usually used to show customers how to use a product. There are two methods you can use. First, use the action hero concept for products that can be used directly, such as shoes or mountain bags. Second, use the flat-lay idea for food products. Arrange food on a table or flat surface, then take a photo with the camera position higher than the photo’s object.

Lifestyle Product Shots

6. Individual & Group Shots

Individual shots are product photos taken for one product only. The goal is for potential consumers to focus on the product in the image. At the same time, group shots are product photos that display several products in one frame. Group shots are suitable for photographing skincare and make-up products.

7. Scale Shots

Scale shots will give consumers an idea of ​​the size of the product you are selling. You can compare products with objects of different sizes with product sizes. For example, mobile phone products with books. Magic com mini with gallons of mineral water. Or, for beverage products, you can shoot several sizes of glasses in one frame.

Recognizing the types of product photos will help you adjust your needs for making photos that match the products you want to promote on social media. To attract attention, learn Product Photo Techniques with HP for product photos.


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