What Are the Duties of a Restaurant Cashier?


What Are the Duties of a Restaurant Cashier?

The role and duties of a restaurant cashier are not only dealing with customer sales transactions and calculating the amount of money from the sale, you know. A cashier must also be more careful in carrying out their duties. So, what are the duties of a cashier? Read more in this article!

1. Ensuring Smooth Transaction Process with Consumers

The main job of a restaurant cashier is to ensure the smooth process of payment transactions made by consumers. For this reason, the cashier must always double-check the transaction details to avoid mistakes. The cashier must re-check before printing the note, and the customer must make a payment.

2. Ensure the amount of money paid by the customer is by the note

One of the skills a restaurant cashier must have is the ability to count quickly. This is because the restaurant cashier must ensure the amount of money paid by the customer is by the memorandum. Even if you make a refund to a customer, you have to be careful not to make a mistake.

3. Receiving Orders and Checking Order Completeness

The cashier is also in charge of recording and receiving orders for restaurants that accept orders online. When the order is finished, the cashier must check the completeness of the order, match the order quantity with the purchase receipt, input sales data, then process the sales invoice...

4. Careful Mandatory to Record Every Sales Data

Restaurant cashiers must be careful to record every sales data, from the name of the product sold the price per product, to the nominal transaction. In addition, the cashier is also in charge of inputting buyer/customer data.

Restaurant Cashier's Duty to Record Every Sales Data

5. Make a Routine Accountability Report

At the end of the day, when it is time for the restaurant to close, the cashier must make reports regarding the number and total of sales transactions, the amount of money received, the total daily turnover, cash in and money out, and even a stock report.

6. Report to Superior

The cashier must also report to the supervisor. The report here mentions the total daily turnover and submits a complete daily report record along with the amount of money from the sale. In addition, the cashier needs to report the remaining stock of goods or whether or not it is necessary to restock for best-selling products whose supply is low. The goal is that superiors can immediately ask the purchasing department to purchase products to increase stock.

There are many duties of a restaurant cashier and a big responsibility relating to the transaction and financial reports. Is there a way to make the job of a restaurant cashier easier? Of course, there is, namely, using the cashier application.

Functions of Restaurant Cashier

Functions of Restaurant Cashier Applications that Make Cashier’s Tasks Easy

Currently, cashier applications are available for restaurants, cafes, food depots, or simple food stalls. For example, using the iReap POS cashier application. Some of the cashier application functions for restaurants include:

  • Ensure all sales transaction processes and financial records run automatically and in detail. The cashier inputs the sales data.
  • Easy the process of receiving sales orders thanks to the iReap Helper feature that helps waiters and cashiers receive orders from customers.
  • Using cashier applications for restaurants such as the iReap Pos cashier application can also help you create price lists based on customers, for example, customers in the bronze category (new customers), silver (occasional customers), or gold (loyal customers who often buy at restaurants). ).
  • The cashier application can categorize customers based on the type of online platform used by the customer; for example, the price of Gofood is certainly different from the price of Grabfood and Shopeefood.
  • Product set features and recipe support are available in the cashier application, making it easier for cashiers to categorize stock items based on the raw materials used by restaurants or cafes. The stock of goods will automatically decrease as soon as there is a sale.
  • The cashier application can calculate the cost of goods sold and the price of finished goods.
  • The cashier doesn’t need to repost all the financial reports because the cashier application will automatically generate the required financial reports.

Do you work as a restaurant cashier? Hopefully, the above reviews can help you carry out your duties as a restaurant cashier well. Don’t forget to use the restaurant cashier application to make your task easier. Find out in full details about the restaurant cashier application here.



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