Tuku Coffee is not a Franchise, so Why is That?


tuku coffee is not a franchise so why is that

Recently, the current coffee business has become a trend in society, particularly among young people, with the promise of profits being one of the main draws for some people to start this business. This has an effect on the proliferation of modern coffee franchises, such as the Tuku Coffee franchise.

For those who are unaware or may have forgotten, Tuku Coffee was once viral due to President Joko Widodo’s visit to one of its outlets last year. Kopi Tuku’s business has grown and achieved even greater success since going viral.

However, did you know that there are numerous lessons to be learned from the Kopi Tuku business in order for it to achieve the success it has today? Naturally, one of the secrets to the Kopi Tuku brand’s success cannot be separated from its founder, Andanu Prasetyo. To that end, those of you interested in entering the coffee shop business should first take a look at the Kopi Tuku brand’s business journey and success secrets below.

Tuku Coffee

If you like today’s coffee, you’ve probably heard of Tuku Coffee. The Tuku Coffee Shop first opened its doors in June of 2015.

This shop’s mainstay menu is Susu Tetangga Coffee; this menu is one of the dishes that boosts Tuku Coffee sales. The delicious taste and low prices are the main reasons for this shop’s rapid growth.

President Jokowi ordered Neighbor’s Milk Coffee at the time, and the order went viral. Until now, the Kopi Tuku outlet has never appeared to be deserted. Naturally, the secret to such success does not have to be viral.

However, the Kopi Tuku brand would not be as successful as it is today without the founder’s persistence and tenacity. Andanu Prasetyo began his career as a coffee milk seller by opening a cafe called Toodz House.

As time passes, the coffee shop he operates becomes increasingly crowded with visitors and receives a high volume of business. Its flagship product remains Kopi Susu Tetangga, a blend of latte and palm sugar.

Tyo also stated that when his shop was busy with visitors, he enlisted the assistance of several local residents as cashiers and wait staff. The reason for this is that Kopi Tuku’s initial opening was intended for the community surrounding the outlet.

Is Tuku Coffee planning to open a franchise?

Some people are interested in trying their luck with the Tuku coffee franchise due to the large number of promising business opportunities. So, how do you begin, and how much does the Tuku Coffee franchise cost?

In contrast to other modern coffee businesses, the Tuku Coffee Shop does not have a franchise system, but if you want to work with Tuku Coffee, you can become an investor by investing in this shop.

Tuku Coffee has carried the concept of a local neighborhood since its inception, so that its business is oriented not by the number of shops it owns, but by the number of coffees that are successfully sold. However, given the public’s interest in Tuku Coffee, it is not impossible that this shop will open a Coffee Tuku franchise partnership in the future.

Aside from superior coffee quality, the success of the modern coffee business cannot be separated from good management factors, one of which is financial management.

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That concludes our review of the Tuku Coffee franchise; hopefully, the reviews above can be of assistance to you.



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