3+ Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Millennial Generation


Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Millennial Generation Millennial generation entrepreneurs are expected to face free trade in the world economy; this means that they must deal with a global business climate full of economic uncertainty.

The millennial generation is an exciting generation to watch. The Behavior, mindset, and financial management in entrepreneurship guide economic and business development in a country, including Indonesia.

The number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still relatively low, ranging from 2% to 3% of the total population; this is still below some neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

This is a consideration for some young people to become millennial entrepreneurs, even though working and undergoing certain professions is also not wrong.

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Benefits of Entrepreneurship in the Millennial Era

Millennials know and understand well what is trending, so you don’t have to wait long to become successful entrepreneurs. This is because the millennial generation can produce greater financial well-being in the future. The following are the benefits of entrepreneurship for the millennial generation, including:

  • Cultivate Confidence Attitude

    To become a millennial generation entrepreneur is not an easy thing. However, for those of you who have had constant commitment and efforts from a young age, it will eventually achieve the success that helps to grow your self-confidence.

    There is no need to hesitate to start a business for those of you who have just graduated. With entrepreneurship from an early age, you will enrich your experience and knowledge to find a path to success.

  • Have many opportunities and learn from failures

    When you work for people, you tend to get failures during your career. To become a large and successful entrepreneur requires failure to learn business, so you don’t give up easily.
    By experiencing business failure at a young age, you have more opportunities to try things. If you are used to it, you will eventually find a solution to every problem your business faces.

  • Understand technology development

    Another advantage of being entrepreneurial at a young age is being very close to the latest technology. The rapid development of technology as it is today allows entrepreneurs to gain the convenience of Internet access as a marketing, promotion, or business medium. By utilizing online media, entrepreneurship is more common, such as opening an online store, selling SEO and SEM services, becoming a freelance writer, and many more.

  • Get to know the Trending market for young people.

    Of course, at a relatively young age, one can understand market tastes based on the same age. Millennials know and understand well what is trending. So, you don’t have to wait long to start an entrepreneur to become a successful entrepreneur.

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But being an entrepreneur is not something easy. An entrepreneur must have a certain “DNA” to succeed, among others, by being resilient, daring to make decisions, not easily discouraged, and creative and innovative. This attitude will help millennial entrepreneurs when they face various difficult situations.

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