How to Create a Free Online NIB For Small Micro Business


How to make NIB for small micro businesses

NIB stands for Business Identification Number, which is an identity number for business actors in the context of carrying out business activities in accordance with their respective fields of business.

Besides that, NIB also applies as TDP or Company Registration Certificate, Import Identification Number/API if the company carries out import activities, and Customs if the company carries out export and import activities.

Business actors who have entered the category of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), should register their businesses so that they are legally registered with the government. As for what must be made is a Business Identification Number (NIB) and a Micro Small Business Permit (IUMK). You really need this kind of legality when you want to submit a tender or others.

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With this regulation, of course, business actors or financiers can carry out business licensing arrangements easily and quickly. It is hoped that it will make it easier for financiers or business actors to obtain a business license in Indonesia.

Later on, business actors or financiers will receive an NIB (Business Identification Number) which also functions to administer business permits without having to carry a lot of prerequisite documents as before. It is enough to prepare the required files.


This system was pioneered to resolve licensing issues that seemed convoluted and took longer. With the implementation of permits faster, it is hoped that the implementation of business can be accelerated. Therefore, the government issued Presidential Regulation Number 91 of 2017 concerning “Acceleration of Business Implementation”.

Business permits can be made very easily, you can make a business certificate in the form of NIB and IUMK online, without having to come to the licensing location in each area.

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How to Make NIB and IUMK Online

Before registering, it is better to prepare the necessary prerequisites so that the registration of the Business Identification Number (NIB) and Micro Small Business License (IUMK) can run smoothly.

Data that must be prepared:

  1. KTP
  2. NPWP
  3. E-Mail Address

The next step:
Meanwhile, the procedure for making an online NIB for micro and SME entrepreneurs on the OSS page is as follows:

  1. Prepare your e-KTP and mobile number
  2. Open active email address
  3. Go to page
  4. Click the X to remove the announcement banner
  5. Click the REGISTER/LOGIN menu
  6. After the Login Form appears, click REGISTER
  7. Fill in all the data correctly in the provided fields
  8. The data to be filled in is the type of identity card (can be KTP), NIK, country, date of birth, cellphone number, email
  9. Type the Captcha Code in the space provided
  10. Tick “box accept OSS system terms and conditions”
  11. Click SUBMIT
  12. Click ACTIVATE and wait for the registration to be successful
  13. Go back to the email, check the inbox and check the Activation message from the OSS system
  14. An email message from OSS will contain a username and password to login to OSS
  15. Go back to and click the REGISTER/ENTER menu
  16. In the Login Form, enter your username and password
  17. Type the Captcha Code in the column provided, then click LOGIN
  18. After that, click the BUSINESS LICENSE menu
  19. Click INDIVIDUAL
  20. Click the Registration button for Micro Individual NIB (if micro business actor)
  21. Or, click the Small Individual NIB Registration button (if it’s a small business)
  22. In the Profile Data form, fill in the profile data as requested
  23. After all data is filled in, click SAVE AND CONTINUE
  24. In the Business Data form, click the ADD BUSINESS icon and fill in the requested data
    • If you have more than one business, before clicking the Next button, please add the business again by clicking the Add Business button, and the process is the same as in point 4; when finished, click the Next button.
    • To fill in KBLI data, see references by opening the front page of the site (New Tab)
    • Click the REFERENCE menu on the front page of and click “List of Business Activities (KBLI 2017)
    • Type the name of the type of business, for example, “textile” and the like
    • Then, write down the code for the type of business activity in the KBLI list
    • After that, enter the code in the requested data field
  25. Then, click the SAVE and NEXT button
  26. When entering the Business Infrastructure Commitment form, specifically for small-scale businesses, you can apply for a Location Permit and Environmental Permit (if required)
  27. Then, click the NEXT button
  28. In the Draft NIB and Business Permit view, you can see a summary of the completed NIB and Business Permit data and can preview the draft NIB, Location Permit (if any), Environmental Permit (if any), and Business Permit (if any)
  29. Look down, and check the disclaimer box
  30. Then, click the PROCESS NIB button
  31. When entering the NIB and Business Permit Output page, you can view printed NIB, Location Permits, Environmental Permits, and Business Permits.
  32. After entering the NIB and Business Permit Output page, please click Print NIB and Print Business Permit (for small business actors) to save or print the document.
  33. You can also print a Business License in QR format containing more detailed data via the QR Business License Preview button

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), this NIB and IUMK are very much needed for the convenience of MSME businesses that are being pioneered. Therefore, it is better if you make it as soon as possible.

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And if it has been successful, teach other MSME actors how to make this NIB and IUMK so they can make it themselves. Because the implementation is all FREE but it takes patience, internet access, and thoroughness.!!

Good luck.



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