7 Practical Food Franchises That Will Trend in a Pandemic Time


7 Practical Food Franchises That Will Trend in a Pandemic Time

Public interest in food franchises is still high, even in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak that has lasted for the past five months. This is because food is one of the main necessities needed to maintain survival.

During a pandemic, consumers tend to choose comfort food or types of food that can be stored for a long time. Those of you who are considering starting a franchise business or looking for a franchisor can choose the following foods that have the potential to produce at critical times.

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Here are 7 food franchises that will be trending during a pandemic

1. Dessert Box Franchise

Franchise is a business known for its practicality in product packaging. You can find this characteristic in the dessert box, which has recently become a hot topic on social media. This dessert is actually not a newcomer, but its practical concept and is sold at affordable prices will make it even more sought after in 2020.

The dessert box is available in various flavors, for example chocolate, tiramisu, vanilla, black forest, to red velvet. You just need to put it in the cooler to maintain texture and taste.

2. Franchise Tofu Popcorn

Popcorn, which is usually synonymous with corn, can now be modified with other ingredients, one of which is tofu. The popularity of tofu and popcorn cannot be separated from the participation of social media and the uniqueness in terms of taste and texture. Its tiny shape makes this snack easy to eat and is priced at a low price.

In addition, you can make tofu popcorn as a side dish for rice just like ordinary fried tofu that is eaten everyday.

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3. Sei Sapi Franchise

This East Nusa Tenggara specialty food is on the rise in the last two years. Sei Sapi is served in thin pieces of juicy meat with chili sauce, broth, and cassava or papaya leaves. In several big cities such as Jakarta and Bandung, sei sapi is even served with other chili sauce such as chili sauce and green chili sauce.

Then, to prevent crowds, a number of restaurant managers have provided frozen food pieces that can be ordered online.

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4. Salmon Mentai Franchise

Salmon mentai is the next product to make the star of your food franchise. This Japanese dish is characterized by layered tobiko which is then sprinkled with Sakura Negari mayonnaise. The savory taste of the salmon slices grilled on top of the rice also makes this food different from the others.

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The filling combination of rice and salmon makes salmon mentai even more popular because it is considered filling and certainly healthy.

5. Vegetable Chicken Nugget

Processed foods such as nuggets are among those targeted by the public in the midst of a pandemic. There are also more variations, including vegetable chicken nuggets. As the name implies, this food is made from various ingredients such as chicken, carrots, broccoli, to sweet corn. As a result, Tearsa nuggets are richer in taste and texture.

In addition, vegetable chicken nuggets, especially those made by yourself, are healthier because they use vegetables that are good for maintaining the immune system.

6. Korean Garlic Bread

It’s not too difficult to get consumers by selling Korean specialties. Korean garlic bread is food produced by residents in Gingseng during the pandemic. Starting as a street food snack, the bakery has now ‘traveled’ to various countries after being promoted on a number of culinary channels such as FoodyTrip.

Korean garlic bread is made from bread covered with cream cheese and then dipped in a mixture of melted butter and garlic before baking.

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7. Seasoning So for Cooking

The seasoning category is indeed complementary, but its existence is very vital during a pandemic. Especially for those of you who don’t want to take the plunge to a traditional market and meet a dense crowd. Now, there are franchisors who focus on producing finished spices to complement your cooking recipes.

The seasoning that is sold is very diverse, from yellow spices, white spices, and other cooking spices to process various dishes.

Those are the recommendations for food franchise products that will provide promising income during a pandemic. Hopefully you can find the type of food that is suitable for maintaining financial condition.

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