Hampers Business Opportunities and Types of Hampers


Hampers Business Opportunities and Types of Hampers

The hampers business is a seasonal business that promises quite a profit. Usually this business will be very crowded in demand before religious holidays, such as Christmas and Eid. Although initially known as a seasonal business, the development of this business is quite rapid.

Moreover, giving hampers is not only for Eid and Christmas, but also to celebrate special moments, such as birthdays, graduations, and so on. Interested in pursuing a hampers business? Read this article first, and you will know, what are the hampers business opportunities this year and what types of hampers you can sell.

Business Opportunity Hampers

If in previous years, the hampers business was only busy before religious holidays, such as Idul Fitri and Christmas, now the hampers business remains busy throughout the year.

This is due to the awakening of the habit of people in Indonesia to give gifts to each other at important and happy moments, such as birthdays, store openings, graduation moments, weddings, visiting relatives, and so on.

Various shapes, decorations, and contents of hampers have the potential to provide various benefits. Moreover, the risk of losing this business is also small, considering that hampers are made based on orders or a pre-order system.

That is, customers must place an order and pay first, then you will make hampers for their orders.

Analysis of Business Profit Hampers

Analysis of Business Profit Hampers

Before starting to pursue this business, you should first pay attention to what the profit analysis looks like. This type of business is said to have a fairly large profit potential.

Capital with the selling price to the market is considered to have a significant difference.

For example, you want to make hampers filled with snacks or snacks. The capital required could be less than Rp. 200,000.00 for 7 kinds of snacks.

Then the capital for packing hampers, let’s say IDR 50,000.00. Once packaged, these hampers can be sold at a price range of IDR 300,000.00 to IDR 450,000.00. The selling point lies in the aesthetics of the hampers, not the contents.

Or to be clearer, you can study the illustration of the following hampers business calculations:

Business capital hampers:

  • Content: IDR 200,000,-
  • Packaging and decoration: Rp. 30.000,-
  • Others: IDR 20,000,-

With a capital of around Rp. 250,000, – you can sell these hampers for Rp. 450,000, – because of the unique and attractive packaging decoration. If in one month you can sell just 10 hampers, then the profit you get is IDR 2,000,000

In principle, you need to do a good cost calculation for the purchase of materials and hampers contents, including taking into account operational costs.

After that, you can determine what profit range you want along with the selling price of the hampers.

Types of Hampers

Types of Hampers

1. Christmas hampers

Christmas Hampers are hampers that are usually ordered ahead of the Christmas celebration to give gifts to relatives, relatives, relations, and so on.

If you sell Christmas hampers filled with homemade pastries, pre-orders must be opened 1 month in advance. The goal is that you can prepare capital to purchase raw materials, packaging materials, and design packaging decorations.

Apart from cakes and food, the contents of the hampers can also be adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

2. Eid hampers

Just like the Christmas moment, the Eid moment is a time when people give gifts to each other. Generally, the contents of Eid hampers are in the form of cakes, food, fruit, groceries, prayer equipment, and so on.

It’s a good idea to order Eid hampers starting at the beginning of Ramadan or the fasting month. Even if your business is well-known and has many customers, you start opening orders 2-3 months in advance.

3. Birthday Hampers

Birthdays are also a happy moment for most people, so hampers are given to family and relatives at this moment.

Not only to celebrate children’s birthdays, even now adults can celebrate birthdays by distributing hampers.

4. Graduation Hampers

Graduation hampers or graduation hampers are usually given to someone who is carrying out graduation and are given on graduation day.

Giving hampers is a form of congratulation and prayer so that the newly graduated students will be happy, and make it easier for the next process.

The contents of graduation hampers can be anything from chocolates to flowers or the recipient’s favorite things.

5. Hampers Promotions

When someone gets a promotion at their workplace and gets promoted, colleagues in the office, relatives, and those closest to them will order hampers.

Giving hampers can be a congratulation that leaves a deep impression. So, this could be your hampers business product too, you know. All you have to do is prepare a price list of hampers that will serve your business.

6. Hampers during Gathering

Visiting each other and staying in touch to this day are still part of the culture of the Indonesian people.

In the past, the custom of visiting would be accompanied by bringing souvenirs or gifts. Nowadays, the gifts that can be brought can also be in the form of hampers, you know.

7. Hampers for Important Moments

Apart from the 6 types of hampers above, there are many other important moments that open up hampers business opportunities in other forms.

The more hampers business products you provide, the greater the profit potential you can get. Especially if you can provide various contents of hampers according to customer orders.

Target Market Business Hamper for Profit

If you want to try the hampers business, then you need to determine the right target market so that profits can be maximized. So, some potential target markets for hampers business include:

  • Aim for prospective customers from the millennial age range between 20 years to 45 years. These circles are usually technologically literate and are also used to shopping online.
  • Most market share for hampers is women. Meanwhile, if there are male consumers who want to buy hampers, they will usually entrust it with their partners or female colleagues. So if you want your hampers business to sell well, aim for the women’s market.
  • Sending hampers to each other has now become a tradition so the opportunity is still wide open for those of you who are just about to start a hampers business.

The hampers business is a business that has a sizable profit opportunity. Not only in moments of religious celebration, but many other happy moments in someone’s life that require the presence of hampers. Are you ready to start a hampers business? Just read this article, OK? Tips on starting a hamper business for beginners.



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