9 Tips for Starting a Hampers Business for Beginners


9 Tips for Starting a Hampers Business for Beginners

How to start a hampers business for beginners is quite easy, in fact you can start this business with any capital.

Apart from that, you need to determine the target market, the types of hampers and their contents which are your superior products, find suppliers, determine the decorations for hampers, and so on.

Let’s read the easy steps to start a hampers business in this article.

1. Start First with Any Capital Available

To start a hampers business, capital is needed. However, you can start with any capital, especially for promotional and operational costs (buy scissors, glue, wrapping materials, and so on).

Meanwhile, for the cost of producing hampers, you can apply a pre-order system where customers have to place an order and make an initial payment, then you make the hampers for their orders.

2. Define Target Market

Before starting to run a business, you need to do research to find out the target market you want to reach. Some of them are housewives, millennials, young people (students and young adults aged between 20-25 years), professionals, business people, and so on.

Determining the target market can also be based on the type and contents of the hampers you want to offer, for example Korean skincare hampers, make-up equipment hampers, hampers filled with pastries, tarts, fruits, healthy food, and so on.

With a clear target market, it will be easier for you to design other business strategies.

3. Specify the Type of Hampers and their Contents for Beginning

Getting here, hampers are not just for big celebrations. You can provide hampers for graduating students, such as chocolates, snacks, bouquets of flowers.

Or the contents of the hampers can also be in the form of herbs, healthy kits, healthy food, drinks, fruit, cosmetic products, technology products, cutlery, and so on.

In addition to determining the contents, you also have to determine the type of hampers. Is it special Christmas hampers, Lebaran hampers, birthday hampers, and so on.

Specify the Type of Hampers

4. Find Suppliers of Stuffing Hampers with Quality and Competitive Prices

The next important thing, you need to find the right supplier to supply products containing hampers and even suppliers of packaging materials.

Some of the conditions that you need to pay attention to when choosing a supplier include:

  • Responsible for product quality and can meet delivery deadlines.
  • Good service with customer service that can support your order well.
  • Cheap and competitive prices so you can benefit from sales.
  • Suppliers can guarantee product quality is maintained properly.

5. Define Wrap Hampers

The success of the hampers business lies in the visual appearance of the hampers. That is, you have to ensure that the concept of gift wrapping must be aesthetic, attractive, and able to leave an impression on the recipient.

You also need to think about the combination of packaging materials from the start, which one you want to use. Do you use woven baskets, cardboard boxes, use wrapping paper, jars, and other types of wrapping.

That’s why, you need to use as much creativity as possible in order to find a gift concept that is interesting and has certain characteristics.

Oh yes, even though each hamper is made uniquely, there must still be certain characteristics that show that the hamper comes from your business.

6. Material Calculation to Determine Capital Price and Selling Price

Find out market prices by doing research, you can evaluate prices from competitors, e-commerce, marketplaces, even surfing social media, such as Instagram.

It is important for you to do research related to this price so that you can estimate the price of the materials needed, the selling price that you should set, and the profit that you want to get.

Apart from that, make sure you also know the purchasing power (ability of consumers to buy products) of the target market you want to reach.

7. Determine the Concept of Hampers and Adjust it with the Trend

Even though you have chosen the category and type of hampers you want to sell, you still have to adjust to the trends that are popular with the public.

For example, for the New Year’s celebration, most customers like the trend of hampers filled with products or objects that support work productivity or can increase morale.

Meanwhile, for Lebaran hampers, most customers like hampers containing pastries (nastar, snow white, peanut cakes, and others) as well as gifts containing prayer equipment, for example. You can also look for packaging ideas that are in vogue at the same time.

Determine the Concept of Hampers

8. Create a Marketing Strategy

The product is attractive, the target market must also be reachable, but your task is not finished. Business continuity must still be supported by the right marketing strategy so that the product can sell well.

So, create a marketing strategy that has not been implemented by competitors, take advantage of marketing through social media (Instagram and TikTok, for example), or other marketing strategies.

If you need some references to understand marketing strategies, try reading the following articles. All you have to do is click on the article link you want to read.

9. Take advantage of Social Media and E-Commerce

You can take advantage of social media and e-commerce to promote products. By seeing the visual appearance of the hampers that you sell, consumers are usually more easily interested and ultimately motivated to make a purchase. Some tips on promoting products on social media, for example:

Well, you already know how to start a hampers business. Even for a beginner, this business is really easy to do, as long as you want to try to find and find unique ideas. Because, unique and innovative ideas are the key to business success.

In addition, there are also other factors that determine the success of this gift business. What are these factors? Come on, read the next article on: Determining Factors for Business to Continue to Hampers Cash.



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