Understanding and Reasons Businesses Need to Know Customer Journey


The definition of Customer Journey

What is meant by customer journey? So, the customer journey is the entire customer or consumer experience when interacting with a company, starting from how consumers get to know products, and business services, to when consumers decide to make a purchase.

For business people, all this information is very important for business development. Come on, find out the full explanation by reading this article.

What is a customer?

Customers are people or companies that buy goods or services or certain business services. In other words, a customer is the same as a consumer or customer (if he has subscribed to shopping for products).

Definition of Customer Journey

The customer journey is a series of actions that consumers take, from knowing their needs, and looking for suitable products, to finally making purchases and repeating purchases in the future (repeat orders).


Business people need to know the series of customer journeys to determine the right marketing strategy. Apart from that, there are still several advantages and benefits if you as a businessman understand well about the customer journey, including:

Why Do Businesses Need to Understand the Customer Journey?

1. Studying the Customer Journey from Knowing the Product to Making a Purchase

Knowing the customer journey lets, you know what interests consumers in your product. For example, where do they know your product and business?

Why are they interested? You can also determine the determining factors that make consumers buy your product.

2. Understanding Customer Mindset and How They Make Decisions to Buy Products

Understanding the customer journey also makes it easier to get various supporting information and insights related to consumer mindsets.

For example, what is their purpose for making a purchase? Why did they decide to cancel the purchase? Or How do they feel when interacting with your brand?

Why Should You Understand Customer Journey?

3. Know and Know Customer Needs

With a customer journey, you get to know and know who your customers are, including their most crucial needs. Remember, a successful business can provide solutions to problems faced by consumers and meet their needs.

When you know what consumers need, you will be more able to apply promotional strategies and conduct effective and efficient marketing. In this way, too, consumers will remember you as a brand that pays attention to their needs.

4. Facilitate Sales Funnel Mapping

The customer journey is also important for mapping the sales funnel. Sales funnels are an effective way to increase sales. In the sales funnel mapping activity, you need to make the most potential stages or strategies to achieve sales targets.


5. Useful When Developing Marketing Strategies

The customer journey is also very useful in preparing marketing strategies. You can adjust what kind of marketing is most appropriate to reach target customers, what advertising media have the most potential, the type of advertisement, and so on.

With a note, you already have complete data about previous customer experiences, from the first time, they found out about your product, did their research, canceled their purchase, then saw your ad, and finally became interested in making a purchase.

In developing this strategy, you can also determine retargeting and remarketing for old customers who have never bought again. These potential customers have never made a purchase or gotten more new customers.

Useful When Developing Marketing Strategies

6. Helping Businesses to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

The customer journey is also an effort to get to know consumers more closely. As the saying goes, it’s hard to love if you don’t know it.

So, if you know consumers well, meet their needs, and know how to please them, customer loyalty to your brand and product will increase. Loyal customers can bring in more customers, you know. They will be happy to recommend your business to people they know.

7. Helping Businesses Provide Products Needed by Customers

A successful business understands and knows exactly what kind of product consumers need and what price is right so that consumers can afford it. To get to that stage of understanding, you need to build intense interactions to get all the information needed.

One way is to take advantage of the customer journey. Then later, you can also provide products that consumers need. Fast product turnover will positively impact business growth and development compared to products that are difficult to sell.

So, you already know what a customer journey is and the benefits of a customer journey. To create a customer journey, you still need to learn several things. Continue reading the next article: 6 Stages of a Customer Journey and Examples.



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