5 Small Capital Businesses with Big Profits that are Easy to Do

Small Capital Business with Big Profits

Small Capital Business with Big Profits

Opening a business can be your choice to make money in a pandemic time like this. Who would have thought that by opening a small capital business, you could make a big profit? You don’t have to open a big company to make a big profit because many can reap huge profits from a business that everyone can do.

Even if you have sizable funds, minor business capital considerations are an essential requirement to avoid losses in the event of a failure. Besides, most everyone wants a business that it can do from home.

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Definition of Small Capital Business

Based on Presidential Decree No. 99 of 1998, the definition of small business is: “Small scale economic activities of the people with business fields that are predominantly small business activities and need to be protected to prevent unfair business competition.”

With the requirements included in the Presidential Decree including:

  • Maximum net worth is Rp. 200,000,000, -, excluding business premises and land.
  • Maximum annual sales of Rp. 1,000,000,000 (one billion rupiah).

Even today, so many young people prefer to do small capital business opportunities that they can quickly obtain on the internet.

Why is this called a profitable business? Because this business example only requires very little capital. The most significant operating costs needed for this business are time and creativity. 


List of Small Profit Capital Business Opportunities

A profitable business can be used as a side or main business and can be run by anyone.
Here are home business ideas with profitable income potential even with minimal capital.

1. Youtuber

Currently, who doesn’t know YouTube? From adults to children already know this video sharing site.

Why did I put YouTube at number one? Because free services from Google are proven to provide a significant income, even YouTubers can reap income of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

And this is a small capital business that can become a billionaire, too, with a significant income.

For teenage women or homemakers, cooking video themes, makeup, or beauty can be the right theme choices.

There are also tutorial themes on how to dress attractively for daily lectures, social gatherings, going to the office, which are video ideas that are much awaited by the audience.

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There are also electrical repair techniques such as radio, computer, television, and air conditioning, which can also be used as a video theme for YouTube.

Especially if you are an electric or electronics technician, besides being able to open electronic equipment repair services, you can also become a YouTuber.

Techniques to improve parts of the house, such as making wall decorations, installing ceiling decorations, making unique stairs, making fish ponds, can also be used as ideas for making videos that the audience enjoys.

Almost any activity you do can be used as a story in a video for YouTube.

The equipment required is also simple. With a smartphone, you can record videos and edit videos using video editor applications widely available in the AppStore.

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2. Online Business

With the more accessible and cheaper internet connections and gadgets, online businesses are increasing.

Online business is a way to earn money from the internet by doing several activities. There are many online businesses, which are described below.

In short, you can earn money from YouTube, blogs, selling products or services over the internet and many others. And Several Internet revenue sources, such as AdSense (especially for blogs and videos), ClickBank, Amazon, etc.

Getting money from the internet is a small capital business, where you only need a laptop and an internet connection.

But your skills in marketing are also highly demanded. You can learn on your own with the many tutorials that it can read on the internet for free.

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3. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is a business selling goods or products that do not belong to you, but you can raise prices or earn a commission on sales from the product owner.

You also don’t need to take care of the product, including manufacturing and shipping, because the product owner will do it.

This business is a business without capital that is perfect for beginners.

You can do it anywhere and anytime with only a smartphone and an internet connection.

As a dropship/reseller, your job is to find buyers for the products you are going to offer.

If the buyer agrees with the price you offer, the buyer can send money according to the product price quote.

Then, you communicate with the product owner and notify the transaction and send money equal to the price you got from the product owner.

And the product owner immediately prepares the goods to be sent directly to the buyer.

Therefore, like a dropship or reseller, you can benefit from the difference in price between the buyer and the item’s owner.

This is an excellent small business and can be done from home or anywhere using a gadget or smartphone.

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4. Culinary Business

Home business to open a food business. It may sound classic or every day as a home business. But food and drink this time in a different perspective.

You must be able to take advantage of online food ordering applications, such as GoFood and GrabFood.

With online food orders, there are more and more home culinary business owners whose turnover is increasing.

This is because purchases do not only come from customers who stop by the kiosk or shop. But also from those who order through online application services.

Of course, you need to create an attractive food and beverage menu from all aspects, such as taste, colour, shape, packaging, and price.

Then collaborate with the food ordering service application.

You have to be able to maintain the quality of your products and services consistently to get orders.

There are many types of home food businesses with small capital that you can do, for example, Baso, Grilled Chicken, Penyet Chicken, Fruit Juice, Satay, Siomay, Gado-Gado, and others.

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5. Photographer Services

A business that is still profitable is a photoshoot or photography service.

For important occasions such as weddings, reunions, and community gatherings, using a photographer’s services is very beneficial.

Photographers are usually good at taking moments that are difficult to do when selfie. For example, candid photos taken in hiding make those who see them smile to themselves.

To run this lucrative business opportunity, you must know using a camera.

It is best to use SLR cameras, which are now standard equipment.

Do promotion optimally by word of mouth, using flyers, banners, and even websites and social media.

Online promotion using blogs and social media such as IG, FB or Twitter is currently also quite effective because potential customers can see your work and judge how professional your business is.

To get lots of potential customers, you should regularly update your social media with the latest photos of your activities to influence your followers to try your services.