Marketers, Avoid These 9 Digital Marketing Mistakes


digital marketing mistakes

Behind the various benefits and advantages of implementing a digital marketing strategy, there are also digital marketing weaknesses, such as the high level of competition and the vulnerability to errors.

What digital marketing mistakes should you avoid? For example, the strategy needs to be right on target, ignoring the trends, the product not meeting customer expectations, and others. Come on, read more in this latest iReap article.

Digital Marketing Mistakes that Businessmen and Marketers Must Avoid

1. Strategy not on target

Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that can help you optimize and grow your business.

Unfortunately, many do digital marketing that goes along with it and end up implementing strategies that are not on target.

Well, strategies that are not on target can include not having clear goals in implementing digital marketing strategies, not having a specific target audience, targeting audiences that are irrelevant to the business or product, and so on.
So, what should it be?

  • Set goals to be achieved initially before starting digital marketing. Each goal has a different way of achieving it.
  • Set key performance indicators (KPI) for each objective. For example: increasing brand awareness, bringing in leads, increasing product sales, and much more.
  • Identify a specific audience, remembering that not all consumers will suit your product.
  • Create audience personas based on audience interest in products, demographics, and their habits in using digital platforms, and social media, including their shopping habits.

The four things above are decisive in compiling and planning a digital marketing strategy that is right on target. Why? Because the digital platform you will use to target the millennial audience is different from the professional target audience, for example.

digital marketing is not right on target

2. Don’t Follow Trends and Don’t Know Consumer Needs

Trends in society play a role in creating a potential market that would be a shame to ignore. That is why you, as a businessman, need to understand and follow what trends are being talked about by many people. Then, look for the relevance of your product or business to the trend.

Use Google Trends to find out what’s trending. Enter the product name in the search field, and Google Trend will show you a graph of the demand for the product in question.

Knowing consumer needs can have fatal consequences for implementing digital marketing strategies. Because products that consumers do not need will undoubtedly be challenging to sell.

Conversely, a successful business is a business that can meet the needs of society, with a note that the product or service is easy for consumers to get.

Therefore, make sure you know the trends and needs of consumers clearly before implementing a digital marketing strategy.


3. Products and Prices Don’t Meet Customer Expectations

The name of buyer must have certain expectations of the product and its price, especially what they need. If not, of course, they will look for products at prices that are suitable for them.

Then you, as a business owner, need to ensure that the products and prices meet customer expectations. How to adjust the product to customer expectations, for example:

  • In addition to writing the product name and price, also write down the product’s advantages in the promotional content. Make sure all these advantages exist in your product.
  • Find out the frustrations and problems faced by consumers. Then, communicate that your product can be a solution for them.
  • Product design plays an important role in digital marketing. So, please make sure the product photos are clear and not blurry, the packaging design is attractive and Instagram-able (better when consumers share your product on their social media), and so on.
  • If working with influencers, KOLs, or bloggers, choose one that matches your company and product brand image.

4. Ignoring Digital Marketing Performance Measurement

Business people use digital marketing to see marketing performance through numerical analysis.

That is, you focus on more than just the features or promotional strategies being carried out. You must also ensure that all promotional activities have numbers that can be evaluated.

From the results of the data evaluation, you can find out whether the strategies that have been carried out are bringing results or not. Then you can use the data to develop a better future plan.

5. Business Websites Don’t Have Optimal Performance to Be a Source of Consumer Information

In carrying out a digital marketing strategy, one media you need to maximize is the website.

Unfortunately, most business people only make websites and don’t optimize them. This then makes the website’s performance as a source of consumer information not optimal.

Some of the most frequently overlooked website-related errors include:

  • The display could be more attractive, loading could be faster, and it is difficult for consumers to explore the website.
  • Navigation on the website is not optimal, making it difficult for consumers to find the information they need.
  • Business owners pay little attention to consumer convenience when interacting with business websites.
  • The content and information on the website need to be completed, rarely updated, and there are rarely new posts.

Given the importance of having a website in implementing digital marketing, you should pay attention to its appearance and performance. If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire IT personnel who are experienced in managing websites.

Also, make sure the business site is mobile-friendly. This is because internet users currently access more sites via smartphones or tablets. Don’t forget, a good business site should have the following:

  • Fast and responsive website access.
  • Website is easy to find in search engines.
  • Have a clear, concise, and informative call to action (CTA) and landing page.
  • Information about brands and contacts is available on the website to make it easier for consumers to contact you.
a digital marketing strategy

6. Ignoring Storytelling and Copywriting

Copywriting is a persuasive promotional text technique that encourages readers to take action. While how to explain something in a storytelling style so that it is more interesting, entertaining, and even inspiring.

Combining the two techniques above in creating digital marketing content can give a positive, engaging, entertaining, or leave a deep impression in any promotional content.

So, if you want to successfully attract consumers’ attention, including building brand awareness, use storytelling and copywriting and any digital marketing content creation.

7. Incompatible Ads and Landing Pages

Other common mistakes that usually occur in implementing digital marketing strategies, such as placing advertisements and landing pages, need to be more appropriate. Of course, this can reduce consumer confidence in your business.

To prevent this, you must check and ensure each ad element matches what you display on the landing page. Also, make sure the content on the landing page matches the ads you put on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or others.

8. Not Doing Remarketing

Often what happens, businesses focus on getting as many new prospects as possible, desperately increasing traffic or visits to the website, and want as many leads as possible.

But then forget to “embrace” the people who have visited and have not done anything because they are still “new to” your business.

A simple example: You keep looking for new customers in every digital marketing strategy you do.

During the process, many potential customers are already interested, have visited the website, or saved several products in the shopping cart but have not completed the transaction.

This potential customer should be given attention and a little encouragement (again) to get them to complete the transaction. How to?

You can do remarketing. The goal of remarketing is to remind potential customers about your product and business and encourage them to complete the transaction quickly.

A little attention in the form of sending email marketing can also get their attention. Prospective customers who feel cared for by the brand have the potential to become loyal customers or at least try your product first.

9. No Data to Analyze

In carrying out a digital marketing strategy, you need to evaluate the results of your digital marketing activities. That is, you need data analysis to determine whether the digital marketing you are doing is right on target.

For that, you need to use various tools to gain insight so that you can evaluate it. For example, you use Google Analytics and Search Console to read website performance.

You can also use third-party tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, etc. Meanwhile, you can get social media insight data from the insights already available on each social media platform.

Another way to get data about the number of sales transactions that have occurred, the number of loyal customers who often make purchases, selling products, customer databases, and real-time financial reports can use the iReap Pos application.

The iReap POS application also allows you to manage your business better, provide top customer service, and manage and run business operations, such as cashier and item management systems.

Now, because you already know the various mistakes in implementing the digital marketing strategy above, trying to avoid them is a good idea. Then to support the success of the business promotion, choose the type of digital advertising that best suits your business. Check here for the kinds of digital advertising: Business People, These are Types of Digital Marketing Ads to Promote Business.



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